Scrap the pro bowl

With Huntley being in it. It know means nothing

Here is what the nfl should do

Elect pro bowlers like they all ways do.

Bring back the qb challenge. Who the f didnt like that

Do other challenges as a team

Do flag football with retired football players and celebs

Who is going to watch the pro bowl, plus some players didn’t earn it.


It’s been a joke for many years, just give the dudes some props such as “all pro team” and give them a free trip to Cancun for them and their family!

They are trying to target the really dumb fans, who continue to watch that garbage. haha

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Were you a fan of the qb challenged? Loved watching them. Hell you can have some retired players be on the team as well.

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no idea brother, not a fan of all star games. I know a few teams that are QB challenged though, lol

Watch them on YouTube. They were fun to watch. Longest throw, obstacle course, targets . It was pretty cool. Never watched the game its self


I’m right there with ya @Martymcfly2017

Bring back the challenges and scrap the game.

We could steal from the NBA a bit-

Maybe a Rookie vs 2nd year challenge?

Current players vs Former players format?

You could have a draft added to the Pro Bowl (again, stealing from the NBA)

Peyton vs Eli - Holmes vs Hurtz - Brees vs Montana - Gronk vs Kelce? So many options and formats…and they draft from the pool of Pro Bowlers/celebs/musicians/HOF’s to compete in challenges.

Ping pong, relay races, target throws, dance off…whatever…a million different fun ideas for a Pro Bowl celebration.

Put the PB in the Super Bowl city and make it a fan-centric experience. Celebrities, former NFL greats, musicians, and the Pro Bowlers competing in challenges.


I think its funny that people who hate the pro bowl game the most don’t know that its no longer a game. It has been rebranded “The Pro Bowl Games.” Its just a series of challenges now with a flag football game at the end. Haven’t you seen the Peyton and Eli commercial where they are talking about AFC vs NFC and who is going to win the games, and then Peyton takes a call that he says is his mom?


Exactly! All Star Games.
If they’re not going to the “Pro Bowl”?

So y’all realize what’s happening on Sunday is what y’all want right?

There’s no more pro bowl “game”


Yes → & create miniature documentaries on them all, so people get get to know them as humans. Honor them as men. Put something fun on that would inspire ppl & help them build up their own brand, sell NFL merchandise, etc.

Yeah cause, “customer service”, is what the “customer” says it is.
“Find a way to say, “yes”.”
“The customer is always right.”
Don’t mind me, I just had auto manufacturers beat that into my head for 30 years.

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Scrap the Probowl and expand Senior Bowl coverage. :slight_smile:

Maybe make the game determine the home field advantage. It worked so well in the other sport.

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