Seahawks to release Jamal Adams, Diggs, and Dissly


Bring Diggs back


Don’t pay safeties and tight ends. Not unless they’re the elite of the elite.


I don’t see a need at safety.


It’s a good year if you need a safety.

I wonder if, or how much this will affect CJGJ’s market.

Diggs is a guys I would consider if the cost is right. Would essentially replace CJGJ.


I would like to upgrade at TE.

The Hawks once traded 2 first rounders and a 3rd for Adams… yikes.

Adams missed 50 percent of the games in 4 seasons with the Hawks

Iggy has like 11 career healthy games and Kerby is feast/famine. We probably need 2 safeties…one bpx safety like Diggs to replace CD2, and then draft on day 3 a ballhawk


Come back home where you should have been all along, Quandre! And give us a biiiiiiiiiig discount!

He probably wants to be a starter… not sure we can offer that. Would have to beat someone out.

I’d take him back though if he was willing to compete for a spot.

I agree. All we have is some bum rookie and backups…

Well LaPorta is the shit, but love to upgrade the back up spot

Diggs is 31, probably a 2 year deal.

He popped for his biggest tackle numbers (95), but managed just 1 pick after every full season with 3-5 since 2017.

Box safety. Will want to start, coming off 3 consecutive pro bowl seasons 20-22.

Doesnt have the CB flexibility of a guy like CD2.

Was making 13m AAV.

Doesnt smell like our guy


Adams in 4 years missed 4 4 16 and 8 games, and probably wasnt 100% healthy in many he played.

Has 3 career picks but a shitload of sacks and TFL as a safety.


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There are sooooooo many safeties available if we decide to go that route. Should keep their price in check. Personally I’d like Kam Curl.

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I’m with you! I love a good 2 TE set!

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Mitchell, and, especially Wright, have been very useful. So has Zylstra, when healthy.
That’s not a need. It’s a luxury.

Jamal Adams has reached a strange point in his career, and it means his career is over. He was so fearless and so aggressive in being involved in violent collisions, that his body/brain can no longer survive “normal” NFL level hits without suffering a stinger or a concussion. The Seahawks did their best to coverr up the concussions “The Patriot Way” by reporting them as other injuries. It has reached a point where they can no longer hide it.