Sean McVay calls out Aman Ra St. Brown

Not directly of course…

Says the juggs machine should be used for routes on the move and not standing stationary.

I get McVay’s point. Aman Ra catching 200 a day is about something else I think.


Might explain why Amon dropped so many passes last year


Totally agree here. I hate it when my pass catchers practice catching. I much prefer the Ebron types myself.


He’s just running his mouth because he thinks he won’t have to face “the Dogs” this year.
I guess, if someone knocks the Rams out of the playoffs, he’s right.


“Standing still and catching balls shot their way doesn’t make a guy any better at catching balls in games. Simulating the final move at the top of the route before focusing on making the catch does.”

Most catches in the NFL in 2021 without a drop:
Amon-Ra St. Brown: 90
22 more than anyone else.

Hmm…Which one should I believe?


Did he say that?

And with that, I’m going to go ahead and put this topic to bed (in my eyes). Great stat.


I have to question any man who is against juggs.

megan fox breast GIF


Dang there is absolutely nothing wrong with that Juggs machine.



I’m not saying Sean is wrong but I will say there is a muscle memory to catching. If I catch 1,000 passes from a machine I believe that helps me with muscle memory in terms of what a catch feels like and tucking the football after a catch.

Further, how can a machine help with catching while on the move? I don’t get that.


I’m sorry all I saw was breasts bouncing and no left thout av.

The writer of the article wrote that.
The second sentence is what McVay said was needed.

Honestly, McVay might be on to something…

Here’s a highlight of the Rams and McVay using the Juggs at practice.


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Lol I miss seeing that on espn…

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McVay is riding high now… didn’t he laugh at one of the teams who drafted someone way higher than they should’ve gone as they were floating about not having draft picks?

How many receptions in the NFL does McVay have?

Karma is a real thing… I believe in it. Patience… the bigger they are or think they are, the harder they fall

It’s very true
I know in my life, when I got too high on myself, something would happen to knock me down

I couldn’t even tell you anymore when I got too high on myself or what specifically happened, but it’s a thought that impacts much of how I respond to things moment to moment now.

So yeah, do not get too high on yourself.

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The habit that St. Brown has of catching 200 after practice is the most important thing. It’s the commitment.

I think catching 200 from a stationary is somewhat helpful on focus and technique to a point. McVay is correct that it’s better to do it on the move, but maybe not as practical to do 200 for each WR.

What Aman-Ra is doing is establishing a habit and a culture that is spreading to other WRs on the roster. The Lions are going to take pride in their ability to catch the football. That is more important than the nuance of the drill.

That said, it will be interesting to see if the Lions modify their post practice routine in response.


I know I said I was putting this to bed in my eyes, but I just can’t on this one. There is no way I am telling ASB to do anything different than what he is doing. Keep doing you Sun God.

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