Season of Trasition

Division? Lost.
Wildcard?: likely lost (Seattle, The 49ers and the Vikes will battle that out - especially with us having a tie)

…But I think Patricia / Bevel have this thing headed in the right direction.

The NFL & Officials respecting the Lions will not happen, overnight. Obviously.

I’m just saying.

Transitioning to what?

Remember when we were told 9-7 wasn’t good enough?

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With the amount of parity we have in the league, officials now have the power to determine who does and who doesn’t make it to the post-season. That’s the problem.


Division Lost??? LMFAO

We are 0-1 in the Division and haven’t played a home game in the Divsion. We could still go 5-1 in the Division

We have to hold home field against Minny for sure next week


This is a seriously underrated point that a lot of people are missing.

“Just do better next week, no excuses.”

Sure thing, guy …



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I am sure the Lions will win their next two home games to sucker all of us back in.

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Don’t fall for it! Save yourself…get out now and never look back!!

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Be kind of hard since I am going to the game with my Vikings fan wife and I have season tickets. Damn, I’m dumb sometimes.

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A couple of your are obviously drunk.

Come back and read my point, in 12 hours.

The Lions prepared for 15 days!!

They started the game with a trick play for 60 yards!

If the refs can take away any big game, whats the point of getting better? They will just call more penalties.

There is no point to getting better. The Lions must lose.


Bob Quinn:

“9-7 isnt good enough.”

HIS words, not mine.

I wish I was drunk, but alas I am at work. Someone’s gotta make the donuts.

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And his words were absolutely correct. And I believe every single fan also believed that to be true that 9 and 7 isn’t good enough. But frankly you can’t beat the third team aka the officials. And it’s the end of the day it’s becoming more and more frequent that they decide who wins not the teams on the field :frowning:

ARog is tremendous.

ARog but NFL Ref help is unbeatable

I don’t disagree with you, @cdktracers.

12 men on D doesn’t help much either, know what I mean?

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Sure do. I have posted it a couple times

Can’t leave the game a 1 score game with ARog having the ball and the refs having their hands on yellow material to start every play

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Agreed 100%. But that special teams blunder didn’t come close to losing this game. Even if you take away kerryon Johnson’s questionable overturn call which would have been a first down and put the Lions near field goal position again. The bottom line is the Lions had the Packers stopped on fourth down out of field-goal range ahead 22 to 13 when the total BS call completely changed the narrative. Then the non pass interference call when Marvin Jones was interfered with would have given them another good scoring opportunity inside the red zone. Lastly II completely BS hands-to-the-face call Wood have at least given the Lions and opportunity to have the ball in their hands with about a minute to go to possibly get a field goal to win the game despite all of the other crap. Those calls changed the outcome of the game not the 12 men on the field earlier blunder.


I agree, and I wasn’t trying to imply it made ALL of the difference.

Just another drop in the barrel, as they say.