Season Tickets!

After being on the waitlist for what felt like forever, I was able to get season tickets today! Beyond thrilled and even more anxious for next year now.


Congrats homie!

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Sweet! Congrats!

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I hear lions games are best when you take a bald guy with ya!


@Lionsfansincebirth still waiting. If I may ask, when did you get on the list? Trying to figure how much time I got.

And congrats!!!

Was that you peacocking on RedditLions??? Hope so, I’d wanna share this news with as many as possible. Congrats!!

I got on the list in November. Have you received the email with your time slot for seat selection?



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Congrats! I just heard yesterday that the wait list is now at 20,000!

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Yeah, I have been nervous all week if I’d get a chance. There’s a decent amount in 300 level but many on the list will have to wait until next year I think.

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I was surprised that I was able to add 2 more to my account when they had the seating relocation process to existing ticket holders at the beginning of the month

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Yeah, I was surprised they let current holders add more when they have so many on the waitlist. I was happy to get three tickets in section 221. Undecided if I’ll add more next year.

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I ended up getting shut out of tickets by 1 day. I assume I will be pretty far up on the list for next year but it still Sucks.

Question for you lucky holders. If the team plays an away game, do you just pay the same regardless? How do they handle that.

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When I had season tix, there were always equal number of home games & away games …now, in a 17 game season, I’m guessing it is a price per game sorta thing…probably alternates 8 home this year/9 next-sorta thing…so prices will flux not just in ticket/game price, but with # of home games impacting season’s price.

Season tickets are only for the home games at Ford Field. There will either be 1 Preseason and 9 regular season home games, or 2 preseason and 8 regular season games. Unless they lose a home game to international. Hope that helps. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get this year.

I forgot they charge us full price for preseason - facts!