Yepper! Will is a solid Slot and is multiple as hell.
He has made himself valuable. You’ll notice, he didn’t get a chance to test the market.

They have met this player couple times they are looking at a CB later in draft. Will they draft who knows but they are looking.

Check him out Cory Trice, CB, Purdue he had couple meetings 6’3″, 215 pounds two interceptions and 10 pass deflections while starting every regular season game.


Mosely is coming off a knee injury and only on a 1 year deal. Ideally he’s a “plug and play” but not 100% sure thing.

The only “sure thing” solid starter we have is Sutton.

I would take Gonzalez #6 overall.

Sutton/Gonzalez/Moseley starting, Jacobs/Lucas as back ups

Kerby locked in at one safety spot. I’ve got Okudah moving to safety and possibly challenging for a starting role. He needs to see the field in his last year before free agency if he wants to make money down the road and the best way to do it on this team is at safety. That leaves Walker/Harris/Iffy fighting for playing time.

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SS/NB Chauncey Garnder Johnson just like I said :slight_smile:

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