See ..... MPs not a total asshole! Pretty cool award nomination


Retired AF Security Forces; 23yrs…

I love this shit! He’s repping’ like it or not!


Just wish he’s drop the whole "I don’t trim my beard during the season because “Special Forces” bull. He’s just a fat guy who thinks a big beard disguises their fat face.

Why can’t it simply be what he says it is?


For your information, it doesn’t disguise the face. It’s the chins that are camouflaged. :eyes:

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If he could simply lose weight, we could take him seriously.

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And start winning super bowls…


You have a man who is being awarded honors for respecting the soldiers who allow you to live your lives in freedom and you guys run him down for being fat. Disgusting human beings.


Thanks! Been biting my preverbal tongue…

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You know I don’t care what these guys think of me. You want to cut a guy down, do it because he’s an asshole, not because you don’t like him. I have seen very little I like about him, but I know that he is his own man and could give a shit about common perception. I like that trait in him. I also know he is smart. He is like Caldwell in I don’t see a lot of fire in him. The coaches I like best are more animated. But putting him down because he is fat is just ignorant.


Agree with this. Too many posters with a maturity level of a 5 year old.

This is the internet so some of these folks may actually be 5 year olds…

But back on topic - Props to Matty P for this nomination.

I hope he wins. That’s some good stuff.

Where were you stationed?

I was with the 32nd Fighter Squadron at Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands and the 58th Fighter Squadron of the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB, Ft Walton Beach, FL

Isn’t that the same thing? haven’t you been reading, man? :wink:

Good for him. Sounds like he deserves it too.

Dude - gate guards with long blond hair and ear rings in 89’ and talking about getting High after duty :crazy_face:

I was at Bitburg AB West Germany 1989-1991… used the full distance range there at Soesterberg for heavies… M60, M203, MK19 & .50 cal as well… loved that TDY!

Right on! I was at Soesterberg from 90-92. F-15 Crewchief. Did a lot of growing up in that country :sunglasses:

Good for Patricia. Next award he should try to get is the NFC North Division Champion.

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