Separated by just 6 miles, Lions quartet shaped by its 'Rocket City' roots

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The guy was a hyped name during his draft if I remember correctly
Now there seems to be divergence on him
Some think he won’t make the team
Others think he’ll be a stud with us
What’s the knock on the guy?
Why has he had limited success in the NFL?
Why would KC let him go? $$$?

I was bored nd looked around some…

Seems the Bills, upon changing DC’s and switching D-schemes… he was looked at as a not so good fit. He had a torn ACL that sideline him for his whole rookie season…

Then KC switched DC’s and again schemes and he was cut and we got him…

all third hand news brother!!

I was big on him coming out of college. I love big LBers with range.

He was injured out of college and traded to KC in 2017. He lead KC in tackles that year and was 2nd in 2018. But in 2019 KC switched to a 4-3 under new DC Steve Spagnuolo where he wasn’t the perfect fit. Spagnuolo likes smaller faster LBers who can play off ball. Ragland is more of an in box, work in traffic type. He can man the middle and allow Davis to play the WiLL.

I think Ragland makes the team over someone like Killebrew.

It’s possible with the new PS rules that they would find a way to slide him or Brew there but I like Ragland and hope to see him playing Sunday.

Ragland is pretty good. He is strictly an ILB. He is fairly poor against the pass but excellent against the run. He did a solid enough job in KC, but as already said, Spagnuolo is moving KC to a lighter LB core and Ragland doesn’t fit the mold. He filled a nice gap in KC, but we will see how he looks with full time duty in Detroit. I think the plan would be to use Tavai and Ragland on 1st-2nd down to help stuff the run. Then let Davis and his speed come in to chase QB’s around on a 3rd and long.

If Davis and Ragland are on the field together, it may as well be a gimmie pass for 5 yards in the middle of the field…

I think when we play heavy run teams like CHI they both get in together frequently but when we play teams like GB him and Davis get far fewer snaps as we go heavy sub packages with extra DB’s.

Yeah, I’ve convinced myself the only Lions in Huntsville are myself, my father, and 4 players (Trey Flowers, Kerryon Johnson, Reggie Ragland, and Logan Stenberg). Never seen anyone else in “Allen Park south”. I’ve seen Kerryon in the airport here too. That was cool.

Exactly, I think that’s the idea. Also, Ragland and Tavai provide insurance for each other in case of injury, and Ragland can also function as a tutor for Tavai since they play a similar role. I am still not convinced that Davis belongs as an ILB. I think he would be best suited as an OLB with the option to work inside a bit. He just seems more “see ball get ball” and that’s perfectly fine, but more suited for a chasing linebacker on the outside. ILB/MLB have to be able to see and diagnose things quickly and I just don’t feel like that’s Davis’s strong suit.