Separation by two games

With the Panthers losing last night, we have our first of the season line of separation for teams in and not currently in the playoffs race…

Six teams in the NFC have five losses already and our Lions only have three…

The ten teams with three or less loses are still in the race.

We really need this win, short term, to stay in it!

We still need the bears to get beat and the packers upset as well!!

This happens and we gain a full game in the division as well!

Here’s to a win this Sunday baby!


Big game no doubt. We pretty much shut down Philip Rivers last year and Indy’s offense is no better IMO than the Chargers had.

This one could be a huge turning point.

The Colts offensive line one of the better lines in the league and is a huge upgrade on the Chargers revolving door line they had last year. Chargers probably had better skill position players but the Colts offense is a solid if somewhat unspectacular unit who shouldn’t be taken lightly.


Without really much argument you have say Indy has one of the better offensive lines in football. With that being said they still only averaged 3.6 yards per carry and have given up 13 sacks while only getting 6 themselves on the defensive side. On top of that Rivers it’s still doing what rivers does best and that is throw interceptions when pressured. He has six in six games to go along with three fumbles one of which was lost. He also has the fifth worst quarterback rating in football when pressured. The key in this game is going to be pressure, do we get any on rivers and how well does Stafford handle any that he gets. I expect a close game that will not be decided until the final play of the game again this week


For sure …The Colts also get back a leader on Defense in Darius Leonard who was hurt in the Chicago game and missed the last 2 games …

In the 3 games Leonard was healthy to start the season he was a force …
26 tackles (16 Solo) 2 for a loss and in the passing game he has 2 passes defended … targeted 11 times with a completion rate of 56% is top notch .

This game will be no easy task .

Whelp Hunter Hunter instead of Hock in fantasy this week

I have Hock in 2 leagues have had to start him and have benefited from it actually with Z.Ertz not being himself and now hurt and also have been streaming Hock in a another league making the right call on nearly every game thus far . I still think Hock gets a TD this week so …not a bad play.

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That is definitely a big boost for the Colts.

I’m hoping he is rusty

Rusty like in Vacation or Rusty like in Oceans 11 or Rusty like Le Grand Orange?

Indy is number one in the NFL against tight ends. Definitely a tough matchup for hock this week. Unexpected side note Hawaiians are number two in the NFL against tight ends this year. I think you should turn around from what we’ve seen in the past although I don’t know that we’ve really played a tight end yet this year either… but in past years we’ve made Hall of Fame out of street sweepers at that position

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Indy has been pretty good at shutting down TE’s this year. They completely shut down Min TE tandem, Jimmy Graham and Tyler Eifert. I don’t think a single TE has had more than 40 yards against them.

Who are the Hawaiians? …, lol


Agreed …I have no other option in one of my leagues …A single TD though would salvage a fantasy day for him …