Sewell to miss rookie mini camp due to COVID

Found out this past weekend I tested positive for COVID. Really wish I was heading to my new home today and able to be at mini-camp with my new teammates and coaches. Look forward to getting out to the D as soon as I’m cleared!

— Penei Sewell (@peneisewell58) May 12, 2021

Get well soon, big guy!


Uggh! Hope he gets better

Poor guy is already lionized and he hasn’t even started yet.



Damn. Hope this isn’t that big of a deal to him.

wonder if he’s having symptoms. I would never have known I had it if my roommate hadn’t tested positive causing me to get my antibodies tested later. I bet a lot of people have had it who didn’t know. hopefully it’s asymptomatic or mild for him


hmmmm… I hope that this is the catch all excuse for skipping mini camp this year for everyone.

They’re calling an exposure “having it.” Most people that “have it” don’t even know they do. I know tons of people that have tested positive, and most didn’t even know they had been exposed. Others have described their experience as “I’ve had worse hangovers, for real.” I have seen some people, including young, that have had blotchy skin that embarrassed them, and they did get sick, but it wasn’t that bad. I know a pretty healthy 34 year old that said it was awful, when she had it. It’s all over the place, as to what ppl experience with it. I’m guessing he’s 100% fine and not even remotely worried about it.

Sending healing, loving energy to our most badass player. He’ll be fine!


This-re: having had it w/o knowing.

I know there are qualitiative and likely quantitative differences between vaccine induced antibodies and infection induced antibodies, but if you add the two % up, there should be a pretty broad based level of immunity/mediation in the population by now.


and of course…well, shit, that about figures for Lions Luck

Energetically shifting this shit…energetically shifting this shit…Gaaahhh


Welcome to Detroit, Big Guy.

lol, I’m sure I’ve had worse hangovers than what I’d experience with COVID, but that says more about my decision making that it does about the disease…



Better now then later. Missing rookie minicamp isn’t that big of a deal.


Get well, but he is going to be ok.

Right. And some of them were undoubtedly false positives. Stafford can attest to that.

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Elite lineman? Check.
Fortunate circumstances to grab him at 7? Check.
High character guy? Check.

Well, this is the Lions, so let’s just make sure he gets a sickness that can really jack up his lungs.

I hope this is a case with no impacts down the line (for him and for everyone). I am so Lionized that I am inclined to think it may affect him down the line somehow. I hope and pray I am wrong though, for him (and anyone else who has gotten it).

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Trying to look at the brightside I think this can be a positive (pun intended). Now he will have the anti-bodies or whatever in his system. So if he “tests positive” again during the season, this could be the fall back excuse “oh that’s just leftover from the offseason” and he will get to keep playing.


I hope you’re right. Rookies that don’t get into football shape (he’s been off for over a year) tend to develop nagging 1st season injuries like groin pulls and hammies and set their development off-schedule from the jump. I just want him to start strong, play strong and win strong from year-1.

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Keep the faith mojo.