SF is totally beatable

Yeah they won yesterday but from what I saw they played without a lot of intensity.

If we keep our intensity up, make no mistakes (no TOs the last 2 games) we’ll be playing the Ravens. The stars have aligned.

Oddly enough, I only question playing on a grass field!


Weather next week should be good. High about 70 and sunny.


I’ll be checking on Deebo’s status roughly every 5 minutes



It’ll be a tough road, but I have faith that our boys are capable. I hope those OLineman can heal quick. Were gonna need em


Me too!

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SF’s pass rush is overrated IMO. Bosa is terrific. Hargrave is really good. Armstead and Young are fine. It’s not like the teams of four to five years ago IMO.


If they play like they did yesterday, we’ll beat them.

But I expect them to improve out of the rain.



I’ll handicap it based off of him.

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Ragnow obviously played injured again. We can’t afford to lose him.

I don’t know about you, but whatever the Lions did tonight after Jonah went out seemed to spark them. I actually still think we can be running the ball more than we do. Obviously you need balance and the pass sets up the run and vice versa. But Gibbs run TD run tonight are available the more you run the ball.

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Right, provided Deebo plays.

I’m thinking that if you do NOT return into a playoff game because of a shoulder injury, it’s not something that you can necessarily return to from in a week. Then again cyborg Laporta pulled a rabbit out of a hat and played a week after his leg debacle!


I’ve never fractured a collarbone. But I’ve heard clavicle pain is insane if you don’t just chill. I don’t know what that threshold is in terms of how serious of an injury is required.

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Checking on tickets, not sure I can pull the trigger.

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Green Bay gave us a good template on how to beat SF.

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Their due to win the north Unfortunately. How many years have they lost in past 5 years

Neighbors whole house is 49ers fans put my flag on the corner of the wall between our houses yesterday just so they know what’s coming next week! Lfg!


Where is that at? It looks like you’re in the tropics.


Born and raised Hawaii


I had bone spurs on the end of my clavicle….
apparently separated my shoulder at some point…
didn’t even know it….
causing rotator cuff inflammation that made my atm feel like it was hanging 3 inches off my shoulder.

I got a cortisone shot.

No relief.

Did PT…. nothing.

Had surgery to grind the bone spurs off and shave the clavicle down so my impingement would wear on the rotator cuff.

That was early in 2008.

16 years later………

still can’t sleep on my left side without pain.


Jordon Dizon fan :wink: