Sheila Ford

How did Sheila survived the whole season? Oh man, that Holmes hit really hard! :rofl: Sheila did a good job, giving everyone freedom and not showing any egos. I was curious why we didn’t see Ford Jr. anymore. Is he not allowed to be in the building?

He’s a chocolate boy. :laughing:


Honestly yesterday 2 nd half was SOL, remind me the playoff game against Dallas with Stafford ,didn’t do anything in second half

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91 % ejection factor :rofl:

mid-way point in the third quarter. When life was good.
while we were driving an looking like we’d at least go up 17…
1 second before “The Drop”.


Ugh. gut wrenching. I guess there was a little flour left in those jeans

Do we have like 17-point lead against Dallas in the playoffs?

Close. We jumped on them 14-0 in the 1st quarter. It was 20-7 halfway thru the 3rd quarter.

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It’s different regime, but making same repeated mistake questions the same scenario coming in future too, this was the easiest year to win the NFC.

I preferred your erection thread over ejection.

You crack me up @espnbaby



Stop GIF


Lol bro ,once we grow older our hearts ejection factor matters

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Sheila Ford is a Goddess.

Hamp, God Dammit! HAMP !!!


my bad

If you are serious I can talk to Erin Andrews and tell that you are a big fan of Sheila ,don’t be shy to ask

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