Should the FALCONS sign Russell Wilson?

Should the FALCONS sign Russell Wilson?

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No . . . let Minnesota.

Atlanta would be better off with Cousins.


Send Cousins back to the team that drafted him. Atl is not high enough in the draft to get a starting QB without a trade up. Minny is though. They’ll get J.J.

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No. Atl would be better off signing Cousins to a 2yr deal and then drafting someone for him to mentor (Milton in the 2nd maybe?). The only issue doing that is their Oline is pretty bad and Kirk isn’t mobile at all so that would need to be addressed at the same time.

Wilson is a locker room disaster, his teammates don’t like him and it’s hard to be a leader if your unlikeable. Maybe that changes now that he is a little older and he (hopefully) got humbled a bit by his experience in Denver but from everything I hear about him I doubt he would be a good example for a young QB.

Jonah Jackson?

Surely not the next great JJ McCarthy

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