Should the Lions be active traders?

At 3-4, I can see selling but not buying. This team is not going to make the playoffs, I see them as 8-8 at best and Q&P getting canned. Problems exist on both sides of the ball, and one guy is not likely to make a difference IMHO. So, they might as well see what they can get in the way of draft picks for players that will be leaving anyway at the end of the season.

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The dynamic duds will return if the lions end up 8-8. That would mean they competed for a pkayoff spot… which shiela set as the bar

We don’t know a lot about Sheila yet but history says they could come back at 7-9.

Fuck no. We are sellers.

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We should be sellers but who knows with this GM.

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We absolutely should be selling anywhere and everywhere, both to get draft capital for the next regime and to lose more games to improve our draft position. But expecting the current brain trust to do this for their successors is sketchy at best.

It’s the biggest reason Sheila screwed the pooch in bringing these guys back. Not only are we wasting a year that could be moving us forward in our rebuild, we’re now at risk of these guys making desperate moves to try to get to save their own asses, and digging an even deeper hole for whoever comes next.

And addendum: For those of you who questioned why you’d rush to fire these guys now instead of at the end of the season, this is why.


If I were Sheila I’d have already told Q&P no more trades, you live and die with who you got now. Selling is okay, buying is not. The Lions gave up a 5th or 6th for Griffin, who will most likely be gone next year. No more of that shit.

You can’t expect the current front office to ready the team for their successor.
You can’t expect them to sabotage their own season when they’re fighting for their lives.

You might see another desperate move like Griffen, but Wood and Hamp will veto any serious investment. They’re all screwed at this point.

The lions worked out sanu today

With out a doubt

Bottom line is if I’m Sheila, I tell BQ you have your team and you have your staff. Any moves you want to make goes through my office for approval.

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BQ is going to fight his hardest to buy, and I don’t think Sheila knows well enough to know that they’re probably not going to make the playoffs. If that’s the case, trade for a linebacker, specifically Deion Jones, because he’s good at everything our LBs suck at.

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We should be selling but we won’t be.

This is why BQ and MP needed to be fired.

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Not that I’m happy with the Lions 3-4 record, but WHO is 2-4?

You can’t see in this situation. You can sell a player and buy someone else - like trading MJ and picking up Tate. The Lions are in tough shape with Flowers and Golladay out. Losing to Minny is likely the last straw and both could be fired right after the game.

My mistake, didn’t catch it until now. Fixed it.

10-6 likely gets a playoff spot. This means they can lose to GB and Tompa Bay. And that’s it.

I think any changes would be made at loss 7 or 8 at the earliest.