Should we take Oakland’s 12 and 19 for our 3

Miami will not give 5 and 18 because they have so many needs . Tua don’t make mistakes , will that intrigue gruden to take him because he is qb guy ?

I think the Raiders would have to throw in No. 92 overall as well.

Too far to drop. I drop to five or six at most.

Really. That’s way above value


Who are they trading up for?


Yeah, I fd that up.

I even typed 5 and 18 but was thinking 9 and 18 for some reason. Kind of funny because 9 and 18 is almost right on the money for value according to the (outdated) trade chart.

My bad lol

Edit - Even worse, the question is Oakland’s 12 and 19, not 9 and 18. Was I smoking crack or something when I first replied to this? Eeesh! My bad…

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No worries. Oakland is tough. Not sure about dropping all the way back to 12.

No, id rather trade with Miami for an early 2nd than drop that far.

12 is too far down for me. I’d rather stay at 3 and get the best prospect. I wouldn’t want to see us move beyond 6 right now if we moved down.


Agree. The talent level starts to drop off some after No. 6.

In a word, no.

You guys don’t understand trade values. There is no way on earth the Lions are trading a #3 impact talent for two picks that far down. If you want to get all the way up to 3, it would cost you at least a 2nd in 2020 or 2021. The only reason you would make that trade for the Lions is because you have 2-4 players you absolutely love and expect they will both be there. The Lions are likely to get DE Young, DT Brown, CB Okudah or LB Simmons and likely in that order. Who do you get at #12 or 19 - very hard to know and not likely a PB player you have sitting right in front of you!

What if Miami came with a offer of

18/25/39/70 and 2021 Miami 1st

I read it online somewhere

Miami might do it to get tua/thomas or tua/jeudy

Its tempting 3 1sts a 2nd and a 3rd

I don’t think the Lions would move that far back but could. There will be some impact players I could see them doing something like this:

  1. DE Weaver
  2. RB Taylor
  3. WR Johnson
  4. CB Danzler
  5. ER Chaisson
  6. S Winfield

This is a haul for the Lions long term with immediate help. The key to anything like this is a good FA period where the Lions feel good about their position.

that is a ton, and you’d have ammo to move back up if you needed to and keep some of those extra picks.

Agree, you could use 18 and 39 to move back into the top 10 more than likely

Yeah the guy I’d be hoping for there would be Delpit, but with our luck he’d go at 11… I think I’d still prefer Miami’s 5OA and 39OA which concedes 10 points to us by the point chart which is admittedly only a baseline. Someone very very good will be there at 5 and if we aren’t getting Young, then why not. We’d be talking Okudah, Thomas or Brown. Or if Tua or Herbert are there, I’d be dangling the 5 for LAC 7 picking up their 3rd and that’s where I’d feel a lot better about Delpit still being there or going Brown, Espenesa/ Gross-Matos.

Regardless, we could use the extra 2nd and our 3rd if we wanted to move back up into the later part of the 1st if someone crazy is falling, which happens every year. Or we can stand pat and have a virtual guarantee of getting one of the top RB’s as only one, maybe two of them will likely go before we pick in the 2nd.