Signed Another WR for Camp

Maybe he’s growing into the position…

I think he will be our number 4.

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He will definitely compete with Hall (who I like).

Golladay, Jones, Amendola, Allison and Hall is a decent unit.

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Yup - big dropoff, after starters though. We shall see.

Watch us draft a WR high


I disagree with Idea of drop off When most of passed are directed towards are top 3 how can you say another WR is a drop off if ball is not thrown his way?

He might be worse or he might be close to as good if he played.

In order to really say its drop off player needs the chance. That’s why we have staff an practice to help sort this out an still some get by staff’s an get to another team an do well an sometimes very good.

Terms like drop off …injury prone …I have problem with…fumbles a lot …a Player can fumble example 8 times one season an get tagged with that an fumble 2 times next say 4 years.

Same with drops when you see passes dropped does it say if it was raining or was it humid an ball was slippery, was it sub zero weather…was OL able to keep rush away or was QB rushed every time an threw many passes but not well thrown was ball fluttering stuff like that.

We as fans tend to put tags on an in many cases not fairly or with true facts to support tag. Not always but many times. Also tag is made into bigger deal when it happens during a game an who won an who lost.

The winning RB could have fumbled 3 times in heavy rain an other RB once an he gets tagged.

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I understand where you are coming from, and agree with much of what you say. Still don’t think the backups are nearly as good as Golliday, Jones, Amendola, Hoch. If they were, they’d get more reps. Just my opinion.

I truly find it hilarious that Hall is good for one bomb per game. So funny. Dude just runs the streak route. LOL.

Have a good night, buddy.

I doubt Hall makes the final roster IMO we have better already an will have more after the draft.

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I actually think our depth is weak.

I doubt Allison makes the roster. I’m hoping we can draft a player good enough to push out the bottom depth.

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Agreed. Wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them draft someone higher than ppl think.