Since Slay has entered the league, nobody has more PD's & INT's


Gotta admit, I was shocked at this fact.

Slay might be the most underrated CB in the league.


Lets hide that until he signs his new contract! I’m surprised by it too, not as much by the passes defensed, but the ints? I really used to get on him about how he didn’t make them pay for going at him. While he was good at batting passes away, he never used to snag them (with exception of the last couple of years).

I must be wrong. LOL…again

I remember how many posters were angry was passed on Banks for Slay :joy:

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all hail Slay ! :lion:

I can admit I was. Banks was more NFL ready and Slay was so raw. He was another boom or bust risky type pick that Mayhew had gotten wrong too many times. Slay was abused his first two seasons. It was frustrating to watch. I’m glad he proved all his critics (including me) that we were wrong about him.