Site Issues?

Good One That Made Me Laugh


Oh shit! It’sLeBronBot


You pulling on any levers today, Nate?


it is back…LOL

The issue i have run into on a few posts, not all, has been hitting post and I get an error message. Only to see that my post already posted and it thinks I am trying to post the exact same thing again.


It blinks and leaves your composer window open as though it hadn’t posted, even though it had


Weird glitches for me today. When I try to post I get an ‘Error 500’ screen. And it mousetraps me appearing as if it didn’t post

If I close the tab and reopen it though I see it did post


I think the problem is the new AI overlord. It realizes that Mel Kiper is such a Luddite it keeps trying get you the rest of the page via fax.



I keep getting a 500 error. First, it was just mobile. I’d look at what I tried to post on mobile on desktop, and it turned out to be there.

Now, on desktop, I’m getting the 500 error the very first time I try to post something as a duplicate post.

Exact same problem.

May need to take a few days off from posting.

Kiper gonna lead the revolution

I learned a new word today, Luddite I like it

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On it

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Let me know if this continues. I was messing with the AI earlier so that might’ve triggered something.

This still happening?

Not since yesterday on my end.

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The 500 error is nothing compared to the PC Load letter message I keep getting.

office space nothing to see here motherfucker GIF