Six new TEs in the house,,,,,,wow,,,,,,serious competition

Just picked up 2 UDFA TEs Parham and Becker. Let the games begin. BTW I like our day 3 draft the best<lol. Parham has 4.68 (Larry Brown Sports put a 4.56 Wash LB 40 next to his name and someone didn’t open the link) speed at 6’8".
We need to make him a WR since all he needs to do to flatten a pressing corner by hitting him in the chest with his long arms and strength then he is open. If they play off him then he can out jump every db in the league with his 38in vjump and 36in arms.

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Quinn has done a good job of creating a lot of competition within all of the position groups.

Except LB and QB.
I’m loving our RB group! We’re going to get rid of a RB with better than 4.0 yards per carry!


Yeah, I am really intrigued by Parham.
Possibly, use him at WR on fades to the outside and the corner?

He is supposed to have soft hands and catches well.


Looks like he has the ability to get open, an issue that has plagued the lions in the past.

On a side note, I can’t express how much I appreciate this forum. After spending only a short time on 24/7 I can’t help but coming away feeling negative and depressed. Not that this forum is all sunshine and rah rah mind you, there just seems to be a distinctly different caliber of posters on this sight. Those with a more inane insite and depth of thought i find very refreshing. Thanks gang.


Welcome brother…take your shoes off, set a spell…


Happy to have you here. I thought I’d go about 50/50 between The Den and 24/7. That quickly went to 90% here, and it seems like I only go to the “old” site out of habit.

I was opposed to using the #8 on a TE because of position value, but the logic is sound if Patricia wants to run a bunch of 2 TE sets without telegraphing a run play. Hopefully Roberts will step it up while competing for the 3rd or 4th roster spot. If not, we have some intriguing options with the incoming rookies.

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Parham was a guy I thought that we might draft. Parham ran a 4.68 at his pro-day, not sure where anyone found “4.56”. Looking at how IOWA used Fant in their 2 TE sets would be a good place to start to see how he could be effective.

Welcome, Beerhunter. This is actually the nucleus of the old Den, before it grew into 24/7.
We’ve all know each other, and generally like each other for years. I go back to 05, and I’m kind of a newby.
Not anymore!:grin:

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Damm, i joined the original Den in Jan. of 2005. Over 14 years ago already…dammit. I still feel like a newbie, though.


Thanks for coming, man! Sorry I missed this.

I definitely understand what you mean RE: the 24/7 boards. It just seems like a constant battle between cliques.

I won’t even go into the PMs I get over there, complaining about certain mods.

I’m not about to disparage someone specific, basically behind their backs. All I know for sure is we’re happy to have ya!

I joined that forum in like 98 or 99… I remember sitting in my corp office and reading and arguing Lions. Wow…what a waste of time over 20 years. :slight_smile: