Sizzling-hot NFL draft takes: Mac Jones can win Rookie of the Year on Kyle Shanahan's 49ers

We’ve had much discussion about topics three and four.

Five is interesting given the discussions about Parsons being the top defensive player in this draft.

Six–perhaps a small trade down from No. 7 to No. 9?

I’ve been seeing 5 showing up in other rankings. Positional-wise, he should be a consideration. The value is there behind OT.

I think Patrick Surtain seems to be the one defender in this draft that teams at the top will target. Drafting Parsons at 7 over Surtain would color me pretty disappointed

Surtain would make Okudah the No. 2 CB and Oruwariye the No. 3.


Maybe next year. Okudah will be 1 this year.

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I’m not saying I want Surtain necessarily, but I view corner more important than Lb and I view Surtain a better prospect than Parsons. Just in terms of drafting defense.

Regardless, it looks to me like #7 is a real solid slot this year. Lots of opportunities to really add to this franchise

  1. I agree that Mac Jones in SF has a great chance to be rookie of the year. I think he’s the perfect fit in SF and I think he’s the most NFL ready QB. I think he can have success as a rookie due to his playing style. He’s way under rated in my opinion. I believe he could end up being the best QB in this class if Kyle Shanahan drafts him.

  2. Why would anyone trade for Jimmy G? The guy can not stay healthy. SF is asking for a 1st rounder but I doubt anyone including NE is willing to pay up for him. In my opinion he shouldn’t draw more than Darnold did. If I were NE I’d try to trade up for Lance.

  3. On the Falcons. I agree … they should try to win thier division and I think CB should be in play for them. Everyone seems convinced they will draft Pitts. I’m not so sure. I could see them taking Chase or going defense too. We will know soon enough but TE at 4OA just seems crazy. Especially when that pick will be the first non QB taken.

  4. I disagree. I don’t even think Surtain is the best defensive prospect in the draft and I’m not even sure you can call him the best CB in the draft. If not for Farleys injury he’d be the top CB and the drop off to Horn isn’t much either. There’s some really good CB’s at the top of this draft. I expect a run on them.

  5. I do not think Denver will draft a QB and I doubt they traded up. Patton said that they haven’t made a single call about trading up. So all these rumors that they were gauging a trade up are false. I think they are content to see where Teddy can take them. Which is a mistake in my opinion.

  6. On Smith - I do think he will be a stud. I do believe he will be the best WR from this class. I’m not really worried about his weight and I’m sure we will regret not taking him. As for Waddle I think he’s a great player but I’m more worried he ends up like Ruggs more than he does Tyreek Hill. My concern is that he’s never had a dominating season. He’s never even had a 1000 yard season. I think that production means something.

Agreed. At least 5, potentially 6 CBs in the first round. I know we’ve heard the media say how many good OTs there are, deep at safety, but it’s one heck of a CB class at the top.

I think Surtain is the best CB in this draft, and last years draft. I’d put Okudah at 2 and Horn at 3. I do think Horn is underrated a bit in the media. Farley looks like a gamble but everything you’d want is there. Those medical concerns are very, very real tho and I can understand if he drops a bit.

Whomever Shanahan drafts will be at a distinct advantage over the other QBs. His offensive mind is a massive asset. Would you rather play for him in SF, the team in the super bowl 2 years ago? Or for the Jets? If I’m Wilson I’m like hey… Kyle… couldn’t you have traded to #2??

All the bets seem to be flowing in for Trey Lance at 3. Listening to the Pat McAfee show now, and they just said Lance is the “favorite” across the board on all the sites.

What does Vegas know? This is gonna be a crazy 1rst round tonight! I don’t think ANYONE has a clue about what is going to happen tonight.

It seems like they covered up their Mac Jones smokescreen early but as they have spoken about the process that led them to Lance it points more and more to the idea that “we made this move for Mac Jones” was bullshit. Which most people knew already.

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You know for all the Kyle Shanahan hype, he’s got a worse record than Matt Nagy. Sean McVay can join that over hyped club.

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