Ski Masks: Retired

Can we retire that stupid concept already? Love that the Seahawks were wearing them and mocking us in the stadium after the win.


How about blue paper bags?

Wonder how much one goes for on eBay tonight?

I wouldn’t buy that one from @JimLiohey if I was you. I don’t care what the price is.

Villian retired *

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I think the Lions are “Victims” this week….

not “villains”……

Not true, they robbed us of our dreams. Too soon?

man it’s game 2 for Gibbs and our staff held him from playing much in both games KC & Hags and IMO they ran Mont too damn much, now he is banged up–talk about stupidity. We had the offensive player’s PLURAL to spread the ball around and mix it up–NOT trying to run the hell out of one guy until he get’s got and is injured.

Any fan wearing a ski mask next week, be nice, they have special needs for sure.

Found the new mask after that defense got gimp-cucked by Seattle again

hey IF we start really winning and kicking ass wear what you want—call yourselves Villians…# no problem. But when your 1&1 NOPE.

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