haha i saw that too.
i don’t know what makes them annoying. I do know that when something does not fit your narrative, it can be annoying.

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Armstead quickly deleted his post. The go to move when posting something stupid.


Well, to be fair, it would be easy to confuse Skipper with someone else. All white people look the same to me.


I don’t either.

But this accusation is like toothpaste: you can’t put it back in the tube. You can’t spell America without R-A-C-E.

Armstead will have to flesh out his story because we need to know every sordid thing that happens in the piles, don’t ya know? I mean, it’s hard to believe that any white guy in the NFL is casually tossing around the N word in a locker room.

But bottom line: I know nothing.

Maybe Armstead was thinking of this skipper.

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especially those 6’10” tall mofos… I mean…
I see them all the time and can’t tell the difference!

Martin Lawrence Lol GIF by Martin

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Bill Laimbeer.

Exactly. What’s interesting is how fast it will disappear now too. Like it did with Myles Garrett.

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I like that Armstead only uses the most reliable sources to call someone a racist.


It worked for tj lang. he wasn’t good at tackle at all. He didn’t even start until his late 20’s if I’m not mistaken. Once he moved to guard he became a pro bowl guard.

With the help of the Green Bay Holding no call edict

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Not completely. He also made the pro bowl for Detroit. Just sucks he couldn’t stay healthy.

It was actually posted to Arik Armstead’s Instagram story. IG stories only last/automatically delete after 24hrs. So not sure your comment is valid.

Lang only played 13 games and still had more penalties than any time in his career…

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