Slay earned fans 23-cent pizza. What other promos has Detroit made for it's sports fans?

I remember the Wings having one with pizza last year?

The Golden Knights give out a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts if our goalie shuts out the opponents.

What other fun promos has Detroit teams had over the years?

What did he do?

Now that I look, they don’t get too specific besides his “clutch play.”

Slay came through in the clutch for the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon, and fans will reap the tasty benefits!

Fans can get a large one-topping pizza from Hungry Howies (with the purchase of a large at menu price) for 23 cents! The pizza offer is valid online by using the code “SLAY23” and is available through Thursday.

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That’s awesome! I remember the Pistons used to get free Buddy’s Pizza, for scoring 115, if I remember correctly.

Good job, Slay! Feeding Detroit on the Cheap, one pick at a time!

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We actually have Hungry Howie’s out here, and it wasn’t that bad – I dated a girl from Muskegon and she always wanted it when we needed a cheap meal.

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They’re solid, man.

Dont forget the amazing deal where if a Red Wing scores a hat trick :joy::joy::joy: you get… a free SMALL curly fry!

What a deal!


Very cool!

So I looked up the Wings promo, and it was scoring three goals in one game for curly fries at Arby’s. They started the season saying they needed to have a player score a hat trick, but nobody was scoring that much so they lowered it.

Last year the Golden Knights had a deal with Jack In The Box where a home win got you a free Jumbo Jack the next day – that was a good one. I think you just had to a buy a drink or something.

LOL and then they lowered it to just three total goals since nobody was scoring.

But yeah, how so very generous!

Wasn’t it holding opponents under 80 or 90 points? Unheard of in the NBA these days

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NOt 100% sure - I should know this, because it’s something they did quite regularly.

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And if the Tigers hit 3 homeruns in a game too! Great deal!


So if I’m reading the details correctly, they are saying you can buy one overpriced large pizza at regular menu price, and because of Slay they will throw in another pizza for 23 cents? Its better than nothing, but not exactly earth shattering.

As a side note we’ve got a restaurant around the corner from me that does buy 1 get 1 free steak night on Thursday’s. We thought it was an awesome special, so we went and got steaks. It was your typical $12 type steak. Nothing special, but its steak. We get the bill and they charged $21 for the first steak. That’s when we figured out that they charge $21 for what is a $12 steak everywhere else, then give you one for free. Gee, thanks???

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Mike Illitch ran a promotion for years, where fans who attended a Saturday evening game in June, got to pay full price (over price) for parking and concessions (for an hour or 2), only for a game that was destined to be rained out, get rained out. Then, if you were so lucky, you got a rain check to come back to the make up game on a Thursday afternoon in late September when the team was out of contention and pay again for parking and concessions. Pizza Pizza

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That’s pretty weak considering it’s lackluster pizza to begin with.