Slay listed as questionable?

Doesn’t his play seem to be off since the concussion? This is a weird take but the knee injury may be a blessing in disguise since it gives his brain more time to heal. We really have no replacement for his former self( pre-concussion) but his poor play self replacement and a little more cb protection from the safeties might work as a reasonable substitute.


His play has definitely been not great. He was SO GOOD last year it would had been tough to duplicate but he’s been not even close. That said we still need him, especially tomorrow.
One other thing to watch on the Queen’s side, diggs is listed as questionable. He actually missed practice Friday and every report from Minny I’ve seen is there is a serious concern he won’t be available. That would be HUGE

I’ve been thinking the same. Something isn’t right. He’s slow to get up every play, and just doesn’t seem like the same player coverage-wise since the concussion.

I think that shot he took against the 9ers to the back of the head is when his play fell off. Then the next week he suffered an official concussion. He just hasn’t looked the same.

I agree about the 49ers game. Slay was night and day different after the hit to the back of the noggin.