Slay needs to be traded

Slay did a great job covering a rookie all day … Until it mattered .

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Eh, he got beat several times. Haskins just missed his throws a lot


Yes he did. Big play slay…lol.

Agreed. I’m not sure if he is disgruntled, or not healthy, but I do know that he is not the same. Either way, if we get a chance to get something for him, before he leaves and we get nothing for him, I am 100% on the “trade Slay” train, at this point.

Hell, I’m on the trade everybody that could help us win train. What’s the use of having decent players and shit coaches/management?

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Slay is a very good player and needs to be a fixture while he is in his prime. Trading our best pieces is not how you get better.

I think he’s disgruntled. It looks like Fatricia has lost the locker-room and the players are playing at half-speed to get him fired.
I think trading Diggs built a wall between the players and Quinn and Fatty Matt Patty.

But the chances are, he won’t be by the time this team is able to compete, so the theory is, get something for him while you can. Also, I dont think there is anyway he resigns here, so you either trade him this offseason or he leaves after next year and you get zero.

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Slay is in his prime. The Lions have no reason to believe they won’t be capable of competing for anything next year. Your doom and gloom irrational evaluation is not based in reality.