Slay rumors

Are the Lions for real? Why would you trade your best defender? There are a lot of things I do not like about Slay, his age for starters and I hate when he waives his FINGER!!!

That being said the Lions do not have to like him as a person as long as he does his job. The Lions for years have gotten rid of talent the first time they question the teams decision making. Case in point Diggs, Jerry Ball, Kevin Glover, and not to mention the curse of Bobby Lane. They pissed off Barry and Megatron now they are looking at moving Stafford, Slay, and Glasgow. I do not think they will be happy until they gut this franchise and set us back for another 50 years of losing!

Please keep your talent and add enough talent to contend for once.

Better be getting a 1 this year for him

My guess is he would draw a second rd pick.

It would also draw my ire.

Hey - O!


My guess is better than these rumors

Slay may get traded if the price is right but he may not wither!

See that was easy!

Back to my cam recliner now!

I think he is as good as gone probaly for a 2nd.

I bet your wrong, there not trading him for a s 2nd, there got him out there trying to get a Jalen Ramsey type trade. I bet they don’t trade him for for no less then a 1st and another pic.

I thought I read somewhere Denver offered a 2nd? Last year the Eagles were reportedly interested. Maybe Quin can pry the Raiders second 1st Rd pick from them. Slay would help facing KC.

I hope you are right bro

If you can rob somebody, you do it
Otherwise Slay goes nowhere


Am I the only one hoping they trade him for a ref? If you can’t make it happen…no trade.


#3 and Slay to Miami for all 3 of their 1s

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That is some interesting Out OfvThe Box thinking.

I doubt they do it because they are in Win In a Few Years From Now mode…but who knows?

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I bet it’s far less than that.

BQ has way misplayed this and should be fired the minute he makes the trade.

Denver offered a straight up trade for Chris Harris and BQ wanted them to toss in a draft pick. Denver declined.

Yeah I would have been pissed …A 34 YO CB who would have been an UFA straight up for 28 year old Slay who had a year remaining on his contract …Denver must have been smoking crack

With his age, salary demand, the crop of good corners in free agency, and a pretty good draft class I honestly don’t see how we can get anything better than a second and maybe a fifth for him

I would have wanted more too. Slay for 2 years or Harris for 1? Easy trade to turn down.

Right on Dead…that is a bad deal for Detroit. Slay and Harris are not equal in value based on contract status alone. They are close to the same age.

I agree … I’d have definitely kept Slay.

My point is that teams weren’t offering much. I have no confidence the Lions will get better than a 3rd. For a 3rd I would be keeping Slay.

Personally I think we should just pay the man.