Slowlights: Lions @ Eagles


Matt does make Marv work for each catch, doesn’t he? If that first quarter catch would have been higher, that would have been a TD!


Thanks! Always great after a win!


Makes it look like a pretty game. GO Lions!

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thank you again for taking time to put this up for all to see

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Stafford sealing the edge at 4:18… Got in the way of 3 eagles…


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That was a huge play! Great play design and good job by Stafford. Just enough to slow the defenders down.

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Love that our QB is actually a football player. With that said, those dudes looked like they were afraid to touch him. May have a lot to do with the way they officiate games.

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On Agnew’s return, McKissic makes the special teams block of the week. Notice how he avoids the first Seattle player #57 which allows him to seal off the next Seattle defender which opened up the lane for Agnew. If he elected to block 57 instead, Agnew is stopped behind the 20. Super ST play! Thanks Sandman for capturing these moments so well!

Thx Sandman! A few things… McKissick was a good pick up (@ least at this point) Ragnow is seen well downfield on a few clips… he’s amazing! Although the slowlights don’t clearly show him pancaking Fletcher Cox.

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Downfield blocking sure is improving! Love it!

He was blocking guys all the way in Seattle? Holy chit he’s good!:joy:

I would prefer that Stafford doesn’t use his right shoulder on the reverse block !!!