Smarts On Defense

So a think the Lions are focusing on a theme here. Aaron Glenn and Campbell mentioned miscommunications on defense many times over the last two years as major reasons for its struggles. Both years we had to dumb down the defense early on and they got better as the season progressed. It’s understandable with so many rookies and young players.

The theme, especially on defense has been extremely smart players with strong leadership and team captains. RAS seems to play a bit role as well, not not ahead of those three.

Campbell, and Branch are both described as leaders with exceptional instincts and top level football smarts.

Sutton is an extremely smart player and possesses these traits. Cominsky, Hutch, Rodridgo, and Kerby have that same pedigree.

I think Holmes is forming a pattern here after all.

Smart instinctive leaders on defense and speed and playmaking on offense.


Excited about those 2. The defense has added a ton of talent this offseason. The secondary looks legit on paper on.

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