Smoking pot and skipping school

Wow, that’s awesome! Let me know if you’re ever looking for a distributor in Latin America. I’m sure the soccer players will love it. :slight_smile:

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We need to compare notes. :sunglasses:

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For soccer, wouldn’t he have to develop an aerosol? :slight_smile:


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Great thinking Line!

I swear you could sell billions to soccer players.

If you are serious we definitely are planning international sales of this product. I can you in contact with our HIGHer ups.

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What are you running? I’m a fan of the optic LED lights, the fish eye cob light penetrate deep into the canopy and give great yields. My harvest size doubled after installing the first one. I have 2 1000 watt equivalent lights in there now (they run around 480 watts) with individual 3k cob spotlights for the corners

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I am serious… I have a friend who has a health store here in Costa Rica, and she’s worked in business across Latin America. I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I’m sure we could kill it.

I’ve been growing medically for my daughter and brother since the beginning. I’m currently running 6 1000w HPS in my flower room. I keep toying with the idea of switching over to LEDs, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger. I was real interested when they were first introduced, but I wasn’t impressed with the yield then. I know things have really changed with LEDs in the last few of years, like you mentioned, light penetration, and obviously color temperature has been refined close to perfection. I know a couple of guys that love them. They certainly have their advantages when the electric bill comes due…
I do 4’x4’ hydroponic scrog with two plants under one 1000w HPS times 6. :astonished:

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Nice, old school style. I agree that the first few generations of the LEDs were garbage, the first one I bought was only yielding like 2 oz per plant max. I’m getting a half pound per plant now with the current set up. Hydro and scrog definitely maximizes space and yield, but damn it takes a lot of maintenance lol I have everything in my system automated, right down to watering, I just have to give them their nutes once a week, everything else is ran off an app on my phone. Some of my plants get 7ft tall, they’re a thing of beauty, especially when they’re from seed.

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Nice. Yeah there is a bit of work tying down branches, but I’ve been averaging right at 1.1 grams per watt with the three strains that I’ve been growing for the past couple of years. I effectively doubled my yield with the first scrog set up, and I’ve used that method ever since. Like you, I’m fully automated, all environmental factors are monitored and adjusted by a controller.
How long are you vegging your girls? It takes me nine weeks to fill out a screen without co2 enrichment, which I don’t fiddle with anymore.
Half pound per plant under LEDs is impressive, brother.
Whats your growing medium of choice?

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My uncle scrogs with great affect… He gets about the same yeild as me but with a single 600watt hps. But he only grows a couple plants at a time, it’s a lot more manageable when you’re only growing for yourself.

It varies by plant, usually takes 8-10 weeks of veg… I stick them in flower when they’re about 3ft and expect them to about double in size… I used to mess around with CO2 as well, but like you, I don’t anymore, they do just fine without it. I’m a fox farm guy, I know people that spend a lot more on all organic stuff like black gold, it’s just not my bag… So it’s ocean forest for me and a steady diet of big bloom, grow big and then tiger bloom when they’re in flower. I also use a combination of neem oil and organic plant soap to keep the critters away.

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Critters? Yeah, spider mites specifically. So difficult to get rid of once you get em. Neem oil is great. I use a product named Green Cleaner, for what ever reason it has worked great for my grow. Foxfarm is good stuff. I use General Hydroponics products for flowering, but I use Foxfarm Grow Big exclusively for veg. Best I have found. Good stuff, GG. I always like to hear how everyone else grows…I’m always looking to pick up that next nugget of information that i might incorporate into my set up. You have me thinking about LEDs and the benefits they bring to the table, again. Ive been researching the ceramic metal halides, they’re pricey, and they still waste a lot of energy producing light outside of the plants useable spectrum along with that generated heat from an HID light.

Everyone has their own way and they always think it’s the best lol and yes damn spidermites!! I spray down my plants once a week with a insect soap fro and safer brand. Here’s a pic of the LED lights I use from optic led. Pretty good company, I have the Gen1 model and one bank of the red/blue lights stopped working… Sent an email and pic to the company and the owner sent out banks of replacements the next day… I think they have a 5 year warranty.

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Nice. That’s what I call customer service!
Just took a quick look at their optic 6 gen 3 605w (IR/UV) model on amazon. A cool $1000. Not too bad… and they’ll only get better and cheaper as the technology advances.

Corporate hippies are coming, brother



Coming? They run everything!


I got “paraphernalia” but now that I have two kids I had to stop mostly unless the kids go to sleep and i get time before i pass out. but i never even started until i was in my 30s i was a great kid

They’ve gone up as they improve their product and demand increases… I paid 600 for mine

Well, shoot…so much for waiting a year or two.

So wait, pot reverted back to disco days… “Woah!” , says Keanu Reeves.