Smoking pot and skipping school

When I was in high school we got it trouble constantly for smoking pot and skipping school.

Now weed is legal and school is closed?

Who says society isn’t advancing … lol


Actually, explains a lot.

Explain it Yoop, while I hit this bad boy.


I just went to class high.


I don’t need dope to cope with reality. never have.

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It definitely didn’t help when I got stoned at lunch when math class was up first afterwards.

I stopped smoking long ago, when it got too strong and my brain stopped enjoying it. But I’m going to give it another shot at some point, just being careful about it. It’s way less damaging than alcohol.

As someone who produces words for a living, the rule is write straight, edit stoned. Makes sense to me. I can’t write shit high, but I can organize things at a higher level than sober. I may not try it. I dunno, I get up at 5am every day and have coffee with the birdsong. Don’t really need anything else.

Alcohol is really a shitty drug by any objective measure.


I’ve overindulged on various things all my life…weed is by far the least harmful


My dad and his friends use to get drunk before class in the 70s. Sounds like a ton of fun back then.


Zack Morris is a dick…lol

He’s complete trash

Was never for me, but I have declared that I am going to give it another try when I retire. I’ll likely need it for pain, as I am in my mid 40s now and hurt on a daily basis. Plus, I see a lot of elderly folks lose a lot of weight as they get older. Weed should help that out.

Do they still grow the old school, weak Viet Nam stuff, or do you have to go straight from 0 to 100 now?

I was a mathlete getting high and taking math tests representing my high school at competitions all over the state. Now I am a cannabis scientist in management at one of the largest medical cannabis production and processing facilities in the state. I’ve gotten to help many people get their lives back from epileptic infant children to elderly with cancer and absolutely everything in between. But hey… im just a fucking stoner right?


A lot of stoners do good shit, man. Like, I don’t even know people who hate stoners and don’t know many stoners who hate people. It’s like a life cycle of stuff, man. Right?

The hippies won.

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Say it agian here!

Man made beer; God made weed. Who ya gonna trust!

I stopped smoking weed daily the night before I sign my contract to official join the Air Force…

I was up in Michigan for this last Christmas and got a 10 grams… still have 8 … only need to hit it twice to get the same effect from a full joint from 1989! Helps me sleep if I restless …


I was a stoner through high school up until I met my daughter’s mother when I was 20. She was a straight edge and we got pregnant so there was motivation for me to stop. I started smoking again when I was around 25, just at night to mellow out, calm my mind and help me sleep (I’ve always had some level of insomnia). I met my ex a few years later who smoked all day to deal with her anxiety instead of getting reliant on benzos. Since then I’ve smoked pretty much every night, I’ve grown my own for about 3 years now. It’s become a little hobby of mine, people are shocked to find out about my “habit” because I don’t look the part (clean cut, business owner, active father). There is still a huge stigma attached to it unfortunately… It definitely makes dating difficult as only about 20-30% of the women I meet find it acceptable and about half of them won’t smoke. I imagine it’s a lot like prohibition back in the day and in 20-30 years it will be as common as having a few drinks now with friends… At least I hope.

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Went to bars for lunch in HS, open campus and lower drinking age. I wasn’t old enough but still got served. Middle of winter I walked in and sat down at the bar next to a friend of mine’s dad and ordered a beer. Once my eye’s adjusted it was like, “Oh fuck!”, because his son was sitting on the other side of me. Didn’t go well. You know when they use your middle name you may as well go fetal. So many people smoking pot that they outlawed vans in the parking lot/school property. My buddy was class president and he demanded a smoking lounge for students because the teachers had one…and they did it. Never mind that even back then we couldn’t legally even buy them, we did it just to see if they would cave…which they did. I miss the simple dayz of youth.

Ha, the local cops that were on patrol at my high school were grads from there themselves and tended to turn a blind eye to pot, even back then. Once, after we’d bought a bag and had carefully rolled like 50 joints, a cop knocked on the window. And of course the smoke poured out when my buddy rolled down the window. He asked for the joints and ripped them to pieces on the hood of the car and left it all there, and then drove away. We had to patiently pick out the bits of paper and start all over. Good thing it wasn’t a windy day.

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