Snacks Contract

It’s my understanding that his contract isn’t guaranteed until he plays in a regular season game. If this is correct I can see why he is holding out until he gets a new contract.

I don’t think Harrison is worried about getting cut this year or next, that just ain’t going to happen. And if he gets hurt and goes on the IR, he still gets paid. No, the issue is 2021, and if the NFLPA goes on strike or gets locked out then as an UFA with no contract he gets nothing until the dispute is settled.

Slay is in the same boat, these guys don’t have to worry about no guaranteed money in 2019 or 2020, this is about 2021, and what happens then. Bear in mind, these guys signed contracts that paid them most of their guaranteed money up front when they signed. They knew what was coming in 2021, a couple of years ago when they signed their contract extensions; they coulda tacked on an extra year to cover 2021, or shortened their contract so they could become UFAs a year earlier and been covered that way. Tain’t nobody’s fault but their own if they find themselves with no income in 2021 if there is no season.

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Grady Jarrett just got $17 million/season… He’s younger and a different type of DT, but that’s a hell of a lot of cash. Harrison probably deserves 12ish million a year. Personally, I’d give him a bump and maybe a 3rd year team option worth a little more. Protects him short term and the team long term

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