Snead envisions Stafford playing for Rams into late 30s

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He obviously has to say that, but I think it’s not an unreasonable expectation for Stafford to play at a high level for 4-6 years.

I think Stafford’s a great candidate to join Brady, Brees, Manning, and Favre in the 70,000 yards passing club.

The Rams better upgrade their o-line to protect Stafford, otherwise no chance he plays into his late 30’s. He’s a warrior and clearly plays through pain and injuries, but the big hits and injuries have really slowed him down the past couple seasons.

Yeah, by the time he’s in his late thirties he might not be able to complete 16 game seasons fully healthy :slight_smile:

Staff would be smart to sign a long term deal now before he starts spinning those touchless missle’s we have watched for years. The receivers in LA are used to being led and running full speed into the catch. Good Luck with that.

I think Stafford could easily play into his 40’s but they need to give him a clean pocket and reduce the hits he takes for that to happen.

Stafford’s body clearly has not been happy with his career choice the past few years. I could see him playing well for a few more years, but Mother Nature is undefeated and the cumulative nature of all those hits will eventually add up. Just a matter of when.