So... DK Metkalf?

He’s blowing up the combine, 4.33 40 with a 40. 5 vertical at 6’3 228. He’s got NFL bloodlines, size, speed, hood hands, production, he could be in play @ 8. Thoughts?

I’m guessing a lot of teams might trade up to get him. So that’s a good thing.

Wow! And he has the tape to go with it. Probably put himself in the conversation to go in the top 10.

That shuttle was terrible though.

So far I count like 16 guys in the top 10…

Haskins Murray Lock
J Williams. J Taylor
TJ Hock
Greedy and Baker
Bosa Allen QWilliams Gary, Ferrell, Oliver

Good for us! Id take any of those 9 defenders.

Metcalf ran the 3-cone slower than Tom Brady did.

And according to Madden the 3-cone is THE MOST important combine stat to get that superstar WR.

Sorry DK but gunna have to pass. You are likely going to be a normal or maybe even SLOW dev!

(Sorry, that last line is likely lost on a lot here.)

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I seriously expect the Lions to draft a WR in the first 3 rounds this year. Metcalf wouldn’t shock me in round one. He’s fast, physical and big. He will be a threat in the red zone and on go routes. But don’t expect him to get separation from his route running abilities.

Yep, he will probably drop out of the first round. He is real slow when cutting.

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As impossible as it is, i wouldnt mind a Sweat/Metcalf 1 & 2 in the draft.

Guess I’ll plug in Madden and try it out. :smile:

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I bet he goes in the top 20. He’s big, physical and fast. He will have a limited route tree in the NFL. But his size and speed will make him tough on slants, go, and out routes. His ability to beat the jam and win contest balls will make him a first round selection.

Troy Williamson?