So far so good

Think lions are being smart so far. Pricey free agents dont always work as we all know




Neither does roster with no talent


But don’t you know? It’s ok if you’re losing a bunch of games as long as you have cap space and draft picks!!


And neither do a lot of magic beans that so many people seem to think are the answer to bringing back the same exact roster minus Flowers (and a few others). This team is worse on paper than it was last year and 3 starters in the draft probably isn’t going to make it much better.

I hope I’m wrong. I trust Brad in his player evaluations, but this team is not better from a talent standpoint. And counting on a handful of dicerolls in the draft isn’t going to fix that (this season)

Come on don’t you know Holmes hits on all his picks , what we got 9 pics should be at least 9 starters. Guess we’re fine


I started too, but then he resigned Boyle that left me with a big ?


I mean, I guess with Boyle, the hope is your backup QB never sees the field right? And looking at the available QBs out there…who are you going to sign? Tyrod Taylor? You have to have someone hold the clip board. At least they paid him slightly less than his last contract.

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I preferred Safety Marcus Williams over Walker but not at twice the dollars.

All the players I like for the Lions are still out there including WR James Washington, LBer C. Littleton and our own LBer Charles Harris.

There still alot of players out there that can help no doubt. But it still seems we brought back some not real great players using our cap. I would like to see us improve at least one position.

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I’d take Williams at 2x the money, because Williams actually impacts the game.
Walker - 3 INTs, 2 sacks, 1 FF in 59 games.
Williams - 15 INTs, 1 sacks, 3 FF in 76 games.

Walker isn’t a terrible player, but he isn’t a game changer. You get what you pay for.

And hard pass on Charles Harris. I hate spending money on guys who never perform until it’s time to get paid. Granted, he could’ve been misused before he came to Detroit, but if I’m spending money in FA, I want it on guys who are proven over time.

But really we were a 6 win team with a lot of bad luck and injuries…so now we bring the same team back plus a couple few rookies and it’s a 7 win team!


Step 2:

Step 3: PROFIT!

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That is the wrong way to look at it. Walker and his contract PLUS the player or players you sign that equal Marcus Williams’s contract.

Say the Lions sign WR James Washington for $8 million. Would you take only Marcus Williams or would you take Safety Walker AND say WR James Washington? I’ll take two players that are good versus one great player.

90% of the players in the league, if not more, came from these “magic beans”…

Beans lead to talent.

Once your beans are talented you can sign FA’s and make a run for it. Until then you’re just writing checks imo.


You have got to be kidding me, right?

Which are easier to get? Good players or great players? Especially on rookie deals.


Boy does this explain alot.


My main concern is that at this point they’re bringing back the same roster that went 3-12-1.

One draft isn’t turning that around.


Rookie deals don’t count in this equation.

Look at it this way:
Golden Tate and Tracy Walker V. Marcus Williams alone.

The truth is Holmes needs to hit on his picks. If he can do that it makes FA much easier IMHO. He can be much more selective in going after the big playmaker. Not throwing big money at names just to satiate the fan base that we won free agency.

The more he hits, the better off we are in the long run. One reason I like the extra first round picks (outside of the obvious) they have a fifth year option, which can hep us keep talented players cheaper for longer. The only rub there is if you have a player you want to extend and they are way outperforming their rookie deal. maybe have to do it sooner rather than later.

Anyways, if that happens …at least you know you made a good pick.

Brad and Co. need to draft well. There’s just no getting around it.

Not even the same roster. No Flowers, no Harris, etc. This roster is worse as it stands. Sure we’ll add some beans, but we needed to add an impact FA or two and as of now, we haven’t.

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