So, if a Sports figure

Says or does something political, we can’t discuss it because views opposing the Den God(s) will not be tolerated.
Got it!

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Believe me, its best that way.

Lets keep this ground sacred.


political or against league rules. If we just talk about lying and breaking league rules it should be ok. In that aspect what should the punishment be?

I would rather get a vasectomy in a 3rd world country preformed by a blind guy, then to read all the back and forth arguments from a handful of people.


WhY a ThIrD wOrLd CoUnTrY?!?!!? :wink:

I hear Costa Rica has some nice doctors though. And nice women. You may want to visit the doctor first before visiting the women.

I don’t trust Doctors and would rather go to the town Shaman. lol

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well they do have the best mushrooms.


This is the correct answer

Nate ‘s board, Nate’'s rules. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. You want politics, go to Pdono’s board. Don’t know the link, but maybe should be posted again.


It’s a shame because there is a lot to unpack with that certain player on that certain team who did that thing we all know about. You don’t even have to bring up the exact details to have a good discussion. The NFL knew that the golden boy was violating their current guidelines. They did nothing about it, and now some of the other teams want to know why this particular team and player were allowed to do it.

Turning it into a fight over public health policy buries the lede football-wise. The same NFL that made the Broncos play a game last season without any QBs as punishment for violating their protocols regarding the pandemic have been letting the team from Cheeseland blatantly violate those same protocols for half of the season.

This explains your whole post.

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To everyone in this thread:

Threaten Walter White GIF by Breaking Bad

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We tried to allow a conversation to take place and some [insert insult here] who can’t control themselves wanted to turn it into their personal pissing match. Then the guy who started this thread did everything in his power to steer it into politics instead of just discussing the subject matter.

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Who is this fiend! The village demands!

Also, No Discussing Moderation on the board!

Code of Conduct.

If you don’t like the rules that are here, make your own board. Otherwise, comply or leave.

Butthurt isn’t against the CoC but it is pretty manly. very sexy.

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Probably have to visit the doctor again after visiting the women, just sayin.

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You could, you know, just leave.

Or does this free service owe you something?