So many no calls

The Ref’s seem to be extra terrible this year, it’s almost like it’s rigged or something…:man_shrugging:


It has been terrible so far. Seattle got that BS grounding call but I thought they got the benefit of many whistles / no whistles.

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I still cant wrap my mind around how Kerby got called for a defensive PI while DK simultaneously literally grabbed his face mask and pulled him into his body resulting in an offensive PI first


It’s been pretty bad. More than usual, unfortunately. It really ruins the game sometimes .

I thought the Rams got screwed a few times today as well. We tend to get the benefit of the doubt but this year they seem to have them go against us.

I don’t get that either.

I’ve never seen that call before. It was really bizzarre.


The NFL is rigged, big time, but that’s not why we lost today

Don’t worry about it. The NFL will apologize Tuesday.

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I consider it an improvement, since they at least offset penalties this time. Being a Lions fan means THIS play was called defensive pass interference. And this was a playoff game. The Seahawks receiver nearly ripped the defenders head off.

Just for fun, here is another one on Monday Night Football. This was also defensive pass interference on the Lions, without an offsetting penalty. Baby steps! We are finally gaining respect!

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100% per bullshit on that one. Made me spill my ■■■■■■■ beer.

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The DPi early in the 3rd aganst us was awful bullshit too. No grab, no wrap, no turn, didnt impede, didn’t push…just terrible.


It was Kerby’s fault for having a face mask. Old school leather helmets are still an option. Kids today, am I right?

Probably the worse call today. Nfl has a big issue with refs its been going on for ever though

Watch tom brady joins the jets for a nice story line. Nfl is turning into nba.

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Hutch is being blatantly held on almost every play so far this season

Normally I’d say blaming the refs is weak sauce. In this case I’d like to see an arena match of these refs versus actual lions.

Ooops wrong page

6-2 seems like rigged is moving towards lions favor

Blaming refs for loses turns to crediting them for wins if it’s rigged

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