So, the starters

On offense:
Decker - okay
Ragnow - okay
Glasgow - okay
Lang - incomplete,
Wagner - guy is getting beat like a drum on passing plays
Johnson - plus
Stafford - okay
Jones - okay
Golladay - plus
Roberts/Wilson - upgrade
Blount, Riddick, Jones role players
Holes and upgrades needed: RT, RG, WR3, TE

On defense:
Ansah - value, not deemed worthy imho
Harrison - all pro
Hand - okay
Jones - okay
Davis - okay, another year
Reeves-Maybin - upgrade
Kennard - okay
Slay - all pro
Lawson - upgrade
Quin - appears to have lost a step upgrade
Diggs/Tracy Walker okay
Holes and upgrades needed: DE, LB, CB, S

Summary: Assuming, on offense, Lang can get healthy and Crosby is more than an injury guy from college, i.e., he can move into or at least compete with Wagner, the needs are TE and WR3. I also believe we need to draft Staffords replacement/backup.

On defense. Are we going to pay Ansah? I cannot believe we will. We need a LB’er who can run, cover, stay disciplined. We cannot continue with Lawson, Diggs, Tabor, Shead. We just cannot. I have hope that Diggs and Walker can play but that necessitates another body.

There are upgrades available. Peterson, Chandler, Brate. Especially, if we allow Ansah to walk. From free agency these three would be excellent.That leaves
LB’er, safety, TE and WR and a bunch of draft picks. So there is hope.

Disagree on a few guys, comments on others:

-Decker isn’t okay, he ain’t all that bad but he’s got some kind of health issue I think. Bigger problems elsewhere.

  • Wagner isn’t playing very well either, but his cap hit means he ain’t going anywhere in 2019.

  • Lang - gone. Period, for his own good as well as the team’s.

  • Blount looks like he’s done, I think the Lions need a power runner. Draft or FA.

  • The Lions need a TE threat. Maybe Roberts develops further into one, maybe not. Disappointed in Willson, I thought he’d work out. If Robert doesn’t improve, draft somebody else and/or sign an FA.

  • The Lions also need a slot guy WR3. Maybe Powell develops into that guy. I’d draft a day 3 guy though.

  • Ansah - gone. Too undependable, and too expensive for what you get.

  • A’Shawn is playing well according to many reports. Okay IMHO.

  • Hand is okay too, could develop in his 2nd year into a pretty fine DL.

  • Hyder, RJF, Lee, are any of these guys that good on ST? Cuz they ain’t on defense. The Lions have GOT to get a pass rush, you simply cannot get to the elite level without one.

  • Davis, WTF dude. Sometimes it’s like your body is moving but your brain isn’t. Get your head out.

  • Kennard is okay IMHO, but the Lions need an upgrade at LB, sign an FA or draft one before day 3.

  • The Lions also need a good CB2. These guys are hard to find in FA and expensive, so I’d draft one in the 1st or 2nd round.

  • Quin looks like he’s done. Maybe Walker can step in, dunno. If I’m the Lions I’m looking for a good FA Safety. Maybe draft one, if there’s any doubt about Walker. Gotta ask about Tabor, can he play Safety? Definitely sucks as a CB.

  • Stafford’s contract dictates that he ain’t going anywhere. He ain’t playing very well IMHO, but he also ain’t getting a lot of help sometimes. Guys don’t get separation or his OL doesn’t pass pro very well and he doesn’t have a go to TE or a slot guy now that Tate is gone. Fix please.

  • Patricia damn well better do better than this crap in 2019. So far I am unimpressed with our DC or OC, and it’s hard to tell if a new guy in either position will make a difference. But, when guys suck it’s usually the coach that goes first and right now it looks like this guys are poorly coached and instead of getting better with each game they’re getting worse. If it’s me, both guys are gone in 2019.

How is Lang incomplete? :rofl:

Not only is his letter grade absolutely complete, but so is his career.

Speaking of speed guys, I really thought Agnew might start as our guy. I really think the smaller, fastest guy on the field like Tyreek Hill is the piece we need. Main reason I listed WR3.
There are positions they could stock up on, I’d be glad to bypass needs for but that is beside the point, by that I mean the only position for which we have no competition.

Lang is incomplete because we do not know if he is through or not.

My personal opinion is that Lang is through, I just can’t see him playing another season in Detroit. His body is breaking down and he’s had like 6 concussions so I think the Lions should cut the guy and for his own sake I hope he doesn’t try to keep playing elsewhere.

Agnew is good as a punt returner, his value as a CB is still somewhat in doubt I think. He could do well as a nickle guy playing the smaller slot receivers though, if he can come back from his injury.

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Slay hasn’t played all that well this year. Hand is better than okay. Kennard is too IMO.

According to NFLN, Hand is in the running for defensive rookie of the year. Just saw it today.
Actually, it’s PFF, NFLN just reported it.

I thought he looked great up until the first concussion scare. Ever since then he’s looked tentative and sluggish. Make no mistake, there’s a connection there.

Wow, what a random bright spot he’s been. Between him and Harrison, along with A’Shawn as depth, the interior is looking like one of the team’s biggest strengths headed into next year.

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I think he’s had a toe injury that’s been slowing him down aside from the concussion scare. But he has had a couple concussions as a Lion as well, I think. And that’s a problem that will only get worse with time.

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