So...the Steelers just re-signed Cam Sutton?

Pittsburgh is a driving challenge.

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Ooh she met prime Rapelesburger? And she walked away unscathed? That is rare.

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Where would xavian Howard fall in that list ?

How many teams turned a blind eye to his red flags ?

Agree with this.

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I would root for Deshaun Watson long before this guy. Flashing your penis to massage therapists is definitely wrong, perverted, and against the law, but he’s not beating the crap out of them. How sad this woman didn’t press charges. Babe, whatever money you think you’re going to get out of this guy, bad decision…

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I bet he gave her a bunch of money already and all of sudden it became a misdemeanor. That’s usually how it works


Well, he is facing Misdemeanor charges right now and on another teams roster. If it’s Hutch do you feel the same? If not the moral high ground tends to turn mushy IMHO.

Yeah, sometimes you’ve got to choose between 2 or more bad options and move on.

Rod Wood said Sutton’s contract and his play strengths weren’t considered when they cut him, IIRC. Maybe. He’s not going to win any cash or prizes for giving nuance and context to the firing–he’d just be stirring up the embers for no good reason.

I’d be even more adamant. What a faker he’d have to be, making us think he’s decent!

It’s misdemeanor because Sutton evaded police for nearly a month while he got money/future payments in order to appease the victim and his attorney negotiated with police for Sutton to surrender.

Greater the talent, greater the tolerance. - It’s why Rice hasn’t been cut in KC and yes, it is why Hutch wouldn’t be cut . . . the Lions PR would be working overtime to spin the story (just like KC).

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we care they signed Cam Sutton…why?

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Brad and Dan have literally said this. If you are going to bring some headaches, you better be damn good at football! I’m sure Dan heard some stories about guys like Charles Haley while he was with the Cowboys. They didn’t play together, but you know how people retell stuff from the past. Haley was a beast but a trainwreck of a human.

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Hutchinson beating on a woman would be something. It’s hard to even imagine because he’s not that kind of person. It takes a scumbag to beat on a woman.