So this tampering thing the FALCONS are accused of what do you think happens next? Do we lose a draft pick?

A fourth round pick next year.

What’s the story exactly? You guys contacted Cousins too early?

The Dolphins lost a 2023 first round pick, and a 2024 3rd round pick for tampering.

Any reason to believe Atlanta won’t suffer the same fate if found guilty?

Kohls will be banned from shipping checkered short sleeve dress shirts to Cousins’ residence.


Cousins put his foot in his mouth at the press conference, referencing conversations that he had with Falcons personnel. Only the agent is allowed to speak to teams during the tampering period, not the player.

The NFL knows this goes on, and all the teams are fine with it because they all do it, but when someone admits to breaking the rules in public then they probably have to do something. It’s either that or they change their regulations and we all know Goodell is too lazy for that.

I don’t think the punishment will be anything like the Dolphins-Brady stuff, that was actual tampering whereas this is what every team does at this time of year. Maybe a late round pick swap like they did with the Cards and the Eagles last year when the Cards illegally contacted Gannon.

Saquon Barkley’s coach might have gotten the Eagles into similar “trouble”, as he mentioned conversations Barkley had with Howie Roseman in an interview.

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I expect a huge nothing burger… maybe lose a 5th rounder. All the teams play this game… the nfl doesn’t want a can of worms


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Eagles lost that for clear tampering in person with TOM BRADY.

I expect them to loose a 6th round at most

I think the level of player has a lot to do with the level of punishment, and there’s no question the Vikings took a serious step down from Cousins to Darnold. It’s not on the Tom Brady level, but still higher echelon for NFL circles.

Swapping picks has often been used as part of past tampering punishments Goodell has handed down, and in this case it’s not out of the question that the punishment is a first round swap of 8 and 11. A couple of past examples of pick swap punishments:

The combination of this story going public and the level of player involved leads me to believe a higher profile punishment may absolutely be on the table for Atlanta. While Atlanta has a second round pick, the Vikings do not, and vice versa in the third, otherwise I might think a low level forfeiture and a second or third round swap might be in line, but we’ll see how the league decides to bring the hammer down in this instance.

Michigan got away with things . Nfl wants to be dicks then f uck the nfl its rigged any way

I actually thought this when I heard part of his press conference that he might have a problem, just didn’t think it would go anywhere


The Falcons are under investigation for tampering during their Kirk Cousins pursuit. Cousins said during his Falcons intro presser he spoke with the team’s trainer ahead of his official signing, which would be a violation. Cousins may well have revealed another tampering violation, indicating (via Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio) he offered to call Darnell Mooney to help close the Falcons’ pitch to the former Bears wide receiver. Mooney committed to the Falcons on Day 2 of the tampering period. With Cousins’ deal not yet official at that point, such recruitment on behalf of the team would be a violation as well.

None of this will result in the Falcons losing Cousins, but a fine and/or a draft choice being stripped would be in play if the team is found to have violated the tampering policy (albeit during a stretch referred to as the legal tampering period). Given the multiple issues here, the Falcons certainly run the risk of being punished.

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Vikes getting more picks… not a fan of that

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Nope, me neither.

There is some chatter that the two teams will swap 1st round picks.

Kwesi will just give em up to Brad anyways…Ninja Style

  1. Surely they won’t dock them picks in the draft that starts three days from now. If they punish them for anything I expect it to happen in 2025. (Though I suppose it’s possible the teams have known for awhile).

  2. Don’t trust aggregator accounts like ML Football, Dov Kleiman, JPL Football, or NFL Draft Rumors. They’re only goal is to farm engagement, they don’t care one iota about getting it right.

  3. Historically the Falcons losing their pick doesn’t mean the Vikings would gain it. It would just be forfeited like Miami’s was last year for tampering with Brady/Payton when they were under contract. The Vikings gaining picks (or pick-swapping with Atlanta) was an idea forwarded by Mike Florio, a noted Vikings homer and douchebag.