So we never forget...(Tom Brady stuff)

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Not proven with Ted Wells’ junk science expert witnesses…

The league was trying to railroad the Pats.

Brady may have been aware of deflation, but what he told the equipment dude was that he wanted them to be on the lower side of legal because there was one game where a ref OVER inflated some balls. I don’t blame him for not wanting to eat the shit sandwich the refs wanted to feed him. The texts support this.

Goodell was on a power trip.


Okay more Wolverine fan than your own pro team. It is so obvious he cheated, just as obvious as the pass interference in the Rams-Saints game.

First, my pro team isn’t playing. How is this even related to the Lions?

Second, no, it’s not as obvious. I didn’t see a video of deflation, did you?

Third, I did see the junk science used to “prove” it. Science, however, proves that there was an innocent explanation.

This was an owner squabble.


Are we still trying to make this a thing?

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Golden, use a bit of common sense. Rightnow mt truck tires read 36lbs. I’m in the cool season in Phoenix. When it gets up to the 90’s, I will need to deflate my tires.
When cold season hit, I had to inflate my tires. Common sense prevails here, league was WRONG!
No I don’t care where Brady played football, and if the guys name was not Brady, there never would have been an investigation.
Is this subject still going on? Yes, why? Because one of the greatest of all time got railroaded.

I’ll agree except for one thing…if the guy’s name wasn’t Brady and he was the starting QB for the Pats, there still would’ve been an investigation. This was all about the league dropping the ball on “spygate” and making up for it with “deflategate”. It was revenge against BB not Brady.


For what it’s worth, I would have made the same argument for abuse by the league had it been any QB in the league, including Rodgers or Favre, even though I hate them. I would condemn the league for its tactics, but still laugh at Packer fans for getting f’d by the league.

All I know for sure, and I don’t want ANYONE arguing with me on this, is that it’s frickin’ COLD!!!

I live in Oregon. It was 55 and sunny today. Walking around in shorts. So I strongly dispute that it’s frickin’ cold…


There are so many more important problems.
Ball inflation?
What a total crotch, er, crock!

There is an effort to cast Brady as an evil cheater when it appears to me all he did was try to mitigate the effects of bumbling refs (or refs that were instructed by Goodell to fix the games…). At one time they severely overinflated some balls and that’s as unfair as anything they’re accusing him of. So he has his guy make sure they’re on the lower end of legal.

I don’t see that as cheating…

Goodell didn’t prove his case. And he tried to use junk science and stupid reasoning to “prove” his case. It was a power trip and nothing else.

Tons of cases of ball tampering (scuffing, warming…) no penalty. all of a sudden, suspensions and draft picks?


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Rodgers admitted he overinflated footballs.

His punishment should come at the hands of our DL next year…