So what happens if we beat Chicago?

Right, I get it. The Lions go to 5-6. But will you start to believe/watch again this year? Other than the Rams following Chicago, this is what it looks like …

  • @ Arizona
  • @ Buffalo
  • Home against Vikings
  • @ Green Bay

If this a team that can beat Chicago and the Rams, they seem capable of the last two. With Arizona and Buffalo seeming like easy ‘W’s.’

Dammit, see what they did to me?

You are joking yes?

Hey, they won today and that’s great considering the recent skid
But I think we’d all like to first see a win Thursday
That hill just got steeper with the injury to KJ

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I start thinking the same way after a win. Let’s just take it one game at a time. All we did today was open the door for the packers to get the last wild card spot.

If week 17 vs GB is meaningful to us then the league will be a player in the outcome.

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I’ve let them take me there too many seasons.

At best.

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Please! We’re obviously a play off team!

Lions normally play well on Thanksgiving but it we be a tough road to hoe against Chicago. The only chance we have to win may be placed on IR this week. I think the Chi QB will not have a field day against us again and might be their downfall with him chucking the ball. Score Chi 28- Lions 14

We will be 5-6


I’m wondering is the lack of Kerryon will force JBC to let Stafford sling it a bit. If we get Jones back, he and KG are still a very dangerous combo. just have to keep Stafford alive vs Hicks and Mack.

Up tempo offense with lots of short passes is the best way to attack the bears defense. This game is going to come down to guys like Powell(if he plays) and Ellington. Riddick will also need to have his best game of the season in the passing game. Just my opinion though.

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I think Stafford is due for a big game. He just seems like he’s been on autopilot this season but every year he has a monster game and I think it will be tomorrow. 392 and 3 TDs. He’s due , right!? :wink:

Who’s he throwing to? :joy:

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In all seriousness, if we beat Chicago, we help Minnesota. That’s about the best that can be said.
That’s good enough for me. I hate Chicago!

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Exactly. I see a simple game plan for the Bears Defense.

Bracket Golladay all game long and bring the pressure on Stafford. We have no other threats.

This game is conflicting for me.

All I ever really want each year is a win on Thanksgiving.

All I want this year is a good, blue chip first round draft pick; I view this season as long over.

Beat the Bears tomorrow and the schedule sets up in a way that we could have meaningful football around Christmas time. i’d consider that a win.

Let’s win - end up 7-9, and pick when all the premium defensive linemen are off the board.

Makes sense.

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The premium dl players will be gone in the first 5 picks. There will still be a lot of high quality def picks available in the 20s of the first round. This draft sets up nicely for our needs. CB in the first may be a bigger need since Harrison stabilized the interior dl.

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