So who stays and who goes?

Didn’t even realize sudfeld was on our team. Wth happened to him

The ones the Lions re-sign stay and the ones they don’t re-sign go. That’s my guess.


Wow Never looked at it that way! Lol

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Some of those guys are not our decision. Vatai and Bridgewater are gone. Vatai was already satisfied with the idea of retirement and only came back for “one more ride with the boys.” Bridgewater was happy being a high school coach in Miami when we pulled him out for one last season holding a clipboard.

I think Vildor, Glasgow, Will Harris, McQuaide, Skipper and “Germ” are locks to be back.

I think Jonah Jackson, Charles Harris and Romeo Okwara are gone.

Ceedy Duce is on an island all by himself where it all comes down to money. If they can make it work, they will make it work. It would be hard for me to imagine outside teams throwing tons of cash at him after missing nearly every game.

Donovan Peoples-Jones is another player on his own special island. If we bring him back, that means what they thought they saw in him from a distance was confirmed when they got him in person. If they bring back DPJ I think that is a sign that he is going to play a significantly larger role in our offense.

I have no idea how to feel about the other guys. It could go any number of directions.


Mcquaide is toast. No way they bring him back.

He will be gone they will keep Daly but they did right by working two Daly an McQ during camp an then when he got hurt they called McQ an he played the rest.


Based on this list.

Julian - wait to see whose out there in FA/ Draft first

Ibrahim - Meh


Jackson - Seeya

j reynolds - Friendly deal

Moseley - seeya

DPJ - if not reynolds

Vaiti - seeya

Nelson - cheap

Skip - cheap

alualu - cheap

Romeo - seeya

Harris - seeya


Duce - seeya

Vildor - seeya

McQuad - we have Daly

Badgley - Holmes fix it!!!

Everyone else in yellow… who???


Hmmm just wondering if Tracy Walker will be a cap casualty.


I didn’t know badgley was on the team after the Tampa Bay game. To be fair, Dan didn’t either.


I don’t care WHAT kind of casualty he needs to be. Just get it done Holmes.

Will he be Lonewolf McQuade?

Hes a prime pay cut candidate.
Like what they did to Romeo and big V last season

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I seriously hope we graduate from that kind of stuff this year. Big v, Romeo, AND walker need to be replaced. Add Charles Harris to that list as well.

Who cares about a pay cut. We don’t need the money we need the talent and they simply don’t have it.


I am curious what the rate for Moseley and Duce are going to be. With last year’s injuries, they might be values. I think Moseley has a better chance to stay on a prove it deal with little pain if it doesn’t work out. CJGJ might not be able to command what he feels he is worth, but the market might make a second year in Detroit look really appealing.

It is better to not let talent walk out the door without someone else paying a premium for it. At minimum we should see where their heads are.

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He’s a waste .

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Mosley on a prove it deal, along with a high draft pick, might be a good strategy for the team going forward at CB.

I see this too. Does CJGJ start at safety? Who sits? Does he rotate in? Will that be controversial? He signed BEFORE we drafted Brian Branch.

What’s will his role exactly be?

Moseley will have essentially been out of football for 2 years once he’s back middle of next season. Tough to have any idea what he’s going to look like

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Common man… he played 2 snaps this year. I understand he was rusty on the 1st one. But he looked decent on the 2nd rep before his ACL exploded. Worth every penny :smiley:

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