Sobering thought for Sunday

Pride of Detroit


The Chiefs have never scored fewer than 26 points with Patrick Mahomes as their starting quarterback. NEVER.

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Until this Sunday!!!

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And when he “only” scored 26, the team won by double digits. Let that sink in as well.

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Then score 27. Chiefs have lost 5 games with Mahomes. Somehow those teams figured out a way to do it.

Also, they replayed the KC/Baltimore game on tv while I was bowling last night. Baltimore couldve easily won that game, IN ARROWHEAD, if they had a competent QB. Jackson was terrible that game

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So we need to score at least 35

Their Defense is not outstanding like their offense

The Chief’s D is giving up 6.2 tds/carry. If the Lions can run the ball and chew up the clock, then Mahomes will have a hard time scoring from the sideline. Our secondary is also doing an excellent job in coverage, so the question is can they stop the Chiefs’ enough times for the Lions offense to outscore them?

Maybe this game comes down to who has the ball last, with a reasonable chance to score. For all the bitching about Stafford, the guy is usually money when it’s on the line and this time he’s got the weapons to do it with.

Agree, but:

Ravens rushed 40 times for 194 yards in 2018 and still lost 27-24 in OT.

Ravens rushed 32 times for 203 yards with 4 rushing TDs in 2019 and still lost 33-28.

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6.2 touchdowns per carry? Woah. Worst. Defense. Ever. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Just a realist.

Meant to say YDs, not TDs.

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Pat McAfee
· 7h
I think it is much more likely Matt Patricia and the @Lions will pull off the upset this weekend #PollThePeople #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE presented by @DAZN_USA

I know. I was just being a smartass :beers:

This is shocking and seems almost impossible for the Lions to run 40 times in the game to eat up the clock. Can KJ run that much?

That the Ravens had the ball that much and the Chiefs scored more is impressive.

Hopefully an exciting game.

Can we limit the chunk plays? I actually think Patricia’s style of defense is the way to play the Mahomes lead Chiefs. Make him sustain long drives down the field. He of course is very capable of that. Ultimately it’s a pick your poison type of situation with him. But if you bring the heat and let him buy another couple tenth of a second with his feet and then let it rip you are screwed with all of the speed that they have.

KJ and TJ can share the load.

Just some random data to consider. In 2018 the Ravens ran the ball 40 times but they actually lost the time of possession game. In addition, Lamar Jackson ran the ball 14 times. Their leading ball carrier ran it 16 times and then 2 other backs shared the other 10 carries. In 2019 they finally won the time of possession game, but “only” 33 to 27. That’s being in control, but not dominating possession time. Dominating another team in time of possession looks more like what Caldwell did to the Packers in 2014. He ran the ball 38 times and we won the TOP battle 38 to 22…and won the game of course.