SOL History is now in our Favor!

Last time we went 3-1 or 4-0 we made the playoffs as a WC.
– 2011 we went 4-0 and ended up 10-6
– 2014 we went 3-1 and ended up 11-5

Since we “could” go 2-1-1 …. that means we win at least 11 games baby!!

go 3-0-1 and we will end up 18-0-1!!

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I’m counting on the .5 win at AZ as what puts us into the playoffs. :slight_smile:

Wins @ home: GB, CHI, MIN, NYG, TB
Wins on road: @WAS, @OAK, @DEN

That’s quite doable.

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10-5-1 is very likely a WC winner and potentially with luck could take the division


We could very possibly win 5 of the next 6. You give this team that much confidence and experience and this could be a very dangerous team. Maybe even dangerous enough to win in Dallas?

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