SOL-My Wife’s Revelation

So on my drive into work today I called the wife as normal. I explained to her this week is draft week and I need to finish getting my garage man cave ready.

We typically have fantasy draft in august and she asked if that’s what this was. I advised her no, this is the real draft where the teams select college players for their teams.

Her response literally blew my mind and gave me a new perspective that is so sad but true on our Lions.

Me: This is where the teams select college players for real to play on their team.

Wife: So it’s like the Bermuda Triangle then with the Lions?

Me: How so?

Wife: We’ll when the Lions pick someone, does that player basically feel like they are going to disappear and be gone for ever.

Me: Welp you just ruined the draft for me because that is so sad and true.

The fact she semi follows but was able to deduce and assimilate the Lions and Bermuda Triangle literally was a WTF moment for me.


Yeah, my wife knows there are dates like this on the calendar and pretty much lets me have my fun. She isn’t roll-your-eyes dismissive of it, rather, she sounds a bit like your wife in that she understands that we normally-productive-by-nature people have an incurable obsession with a hopeless team. In other words, they’re sympathetic. Being that they’re not sports people by nature, they don’t ask the obvious question like “why don’t you follow a real team?”, rather they’re strangely patient to allow us to continue without much interruption. I fear it’s one big chip she’s building to cash in on something I would be inclined to object to.


Oh yeah, I always feel theres something behind it. She goes to games with me and doesn’t mind when I block her and the kids out on Sundays.

She does annoyingly ask if I’m sure if I want to make the kids Lions fans. That’s the one that stings lol.


I’m to the point where I warn them repeatedly that they don’t want to go down this road. (Do as I say, not as I do.)

@deepthreat3, I love this.:joy:

I can identify. My wife (and kids) generally feel sorry for players drafted to our Lions.

My wife overheard my son and I discussing “The QB from Liberty “ and she asked if the Lions were going to “fire” Goff so quickly.

These types of stories fully indicate that our Lions fandom impacts the entire family.:joy:

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The next generation will think of the Lions as they would have seen Bill Cowher’s Steelers…only more handsome.

Love the stories of your families, BTW.


Amen to that BigNatty.:+1:

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Well in my situation I’m different then all of you my Husband could care less. Where I am watching and reading everything I can get my hands on was brought up where it was just me and my Mom she loved football so it came to me when games would be on tv we would go to SS Kresge and get frozen cokes and some sandwich or nachos go home watch games when they were on tv I read all you guys stuff but I am a female that loves football.


I’m calling BS.

In my experience, women are too smart to:

  1. Put any energy into the Lions
  2. Hang around this particular group of misfits

Do your balls retract or did you get them completely cut off.

I live and breath football so you guys can believe what you want I was just being honest I played sports when I was younger I used to write in when mlive had their forum my sign in name was lionqueen and husband got me the sweat shirt that says it.


Lol… I wasn’t actually disputing your gender, just taking a shot at the team and my fellow doofuses here on the board.


Welcome Bum. Everyone is welcome in this chamber of torture.

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I have planning on going to the draft for a while. Since my wife has no interest in the draft she was going to stay home and take care of our 13-year-old German Sheppard Keith. The past few months Keith had been getting worse, so we decided to put him down last week. She has decided to go with but made sure that she did not want to interrupt anything I had planned for the draft. I probably will adjust a bit to spend more time with her, but she is happy either way. The one thing she did know about the Lions is that she called Ebron Pettigrew Jr.

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No gig this weekend for Lemon Frog.
We’re all Lions fans.


Don’t be a stranger!

IF Bum is a woman here again , that is bad ass! no jokes. takes me back to the day of @Sheslion.

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