SOL this is NOT

The great news is that we won and we STILL haven’t played a complete game all season. There’s room to grow there.

The bad news is that we STILL haven’t figured out how to stop mobile QBs and we have a number of them coming up including Fields again. Have to pick up the pace a little and improve in a short amount of time.


I was impressed with the D…I may be in the minority but they were on the field ALL day and were gassed but short of the TD pass to Moore and the run by Fields they made the Bears work for it.

Again I may be in minority, but they were impressive with what they gave up with how long they were on the field!

We had 29 points in 19 minutes of offensive football and they had 26 with 41.

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To the OP: Thought Jeff Daniels took care of this…

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Imo the D still needs more talent and def had their issues, but having to overcome 4 turnovers by the O/ST, they steeled their girders and toughened their loins and stepped up when the chips were down.


Agree…we need some help on D, but this was about as gritty a performance as we have seen with them with such a skewed TOP.

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That’s how I look at it. Definitely not a great game but they did make adjustments, and outside of the one long run by fields he didn’t really break any other big plays in the second half that I remember. Also, we did have what, 3 or 4 3rd downs with a penalty that gave them a fresh set of downs.

Additionally we held them to field goals when they got down to the red zone. And to cap it off, we got the stop and then the sack/safety at the end to seal it.

It wasn’t perfect or pretty by any means, but the defense did overall do enough to help win the game.

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Freedom of speach. People need to stop crying about it. We needed a miracle to win today against a 3-7 team. It had vibes of it all day till 3 minutes left.

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To expound a little for T, situation is this. With the TOP gap, and the turnover battle being lost, with 4ish minutes down by 9, the Bears had a win chance percentage of 98.9%. That’s insane.


The shoe is on the other foot finally

How many 99.8% games did we lose before???

Feels good to be the dudes now


That’s why I don’t get people who were mad at others who were negative. Look at that percentage.

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This is supposed to be a Lions fan board, why is there so much math?

You could always have the board software change “SOL” to something like “I’m a big poopy pants” or whatever


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I don’t have a problem with people getting negative about how they played today. They absolutely played like crap for 56 minutes. My issue is with the over the top proclamations during the game:

Lions shouldn’t resign Goff.
Lions won’t win the North
Lions won’t make the playoffs
Maybe Campbell really isn’t the coach we need

Just really stupid shit to say for a team that was 7-2 coming into this game.


Don’t the Lions lead the league in dropped passes? If the opponents can’t even catch his pick sixes there must be something fundamentally off about the way he throws the ball. Heck, I mean golly I saw David Blough wearing street clothes during the broadcast, they need to get him into the game.

Those 4, especially the last one, were ridiculous.

Confused Tom Hanks GIF

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^ Thank you ^

I feel like that was the turning point for us finally.

Our team believes we can win at all times
Our fan base needs to catch up.
No more SOL fans

Let’s goooo

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