Some PFF observations after week 3

Frank Ragnow - number 1 center overall - run blocking still better than pass blocking though. Kudo’s to the Ragman!
Jonah Jackson, middle of the road guard - needs to step it up. Let’s go JJ.

Our third round safeties - what a difference:
Tracy Walker - 14th of 79 - finally coming into his own.
Will Harris - 78th of 79, 34.6 score. Never liked this pick, liking it less and less as we move on.

I’ll mention the caveat, so you don’t have to - PFF is not always an accurate reflection of the play call or how a player did versus the play call.


The thing that concerns me about making too much of the Baltimore game is that they had a lot of starters out with injuries or on the Covid list.

Of there is one concensus about this team across all outlets, it’s that Will Harris is a terrible football player

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Yep, he’s a difference maker at a very visible position…

The Lions also had a number of starters out with injuries or on the COVID list.

Frank the Tank is the man!

Here is Ragnow pancaking Bears last year.

And that is no scrub, it’s Akiem Hicks. Ragnow makes him look like a college player.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1335664453002604544|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

really glad we extended him.

Maybe we can trade Will Harris to the Patriots for some jock straps and jock itch cream.