Sounds like the Vikings found their own version of Malcolm Rodriguez

Ivan Pace, LB, Vikings

As the founder of The Practice Squad Power Rankings, I have an affinity for underdogs, so you should have known I was going to include an undrafted free agent here. According to Good Morning Football’s Peter Schrager, the compact, high-energy off-ball linebacker has been the talk of Vikings camp and has spent August practicing with the first-team defense.

Pace is built like a bulldog but accelerates like a greyhound when chasing the football. At 5-10 and 231 pounds, he registered a gargantuan 262 tackles, 34.5 tackles for loss, and 14 sacks in his final two collegiate seasons, at Miami of Ohio then Cincinnati. He stacks and sheds like he’s 6-4, 240, is a reliable in-space tackler, and made plenty of plays on the football in coverage in college.

I need to see if the massive camp buzz for Pace translates to the preseason for this already super-fun underdog story. Unsurprisingly Pace led the Vikings with four tackles and two assisted tackles in the exhibition opener against the Seahawks.

LaPorta on the list.

I loved Pace. Can’t believe he went undrafted.


He’s a great player

Pace led college in PFF scores. How does a guy like that go undrafted? He’s a tackling machine.

Prolly cause of where he played tbh

Miami of Ohio is not a big and widely known program, while Cinncinati has been on the up more recently in the past 5 to 10 years as of now (Kelce bros came out of cinncinati around 2011 to 2012 i believe?)

basically just not super huge programs

Also, cause Hes 5,10 which is really small for his position tbh.

yeah, I know. Don’t draft 5/10, small school football players. Draft only big, fast power 5 school guys who happen to be on a football field. Sorry, still don’t get it. Glad our staff gets it though. I think if LB was a need, we would have been all over this guy.

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I think so too

again, i was only giving reasons to why he went undrafted lol


Sam Mills 5’9"–Montclair State University–Sam Mills | Pro Football Hall of Fame

London Fletcher 5’10"–John Carroll University–2× Second-team All-Pro (2011, 2012)
4× Pro Bowl (2009–2012)

Zach Thomas–5’11"–Texas Tech University–5× First-team All-Pro (1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2006); 2× Second-team All-Pro (2001, 2005); 7× Pro Bowl (1999–2003, 2005, 2006)

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Guys that transfer up in competition and still dominate are always a good sign.

Agree @CuriousHusker how did he go undrafted? Stupid

He was a mock draft 5th round darling

Fletcher was undrafted and Zach Thomas is a 5th round pick, who played at Texas Tech

Which, actually kinda supports my point, that NFL teams really do care about size at the position

im not saying that if your 5’10 your bad at LB, more that teams really are big on size, a bit too much so than they should tbh.

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Sauce Gardner

again past 5 to 10 years

Sauce was last year lol

you tell me 20 years ago CInncinati was looked as a big CFB program compared to now?

its grown alot, and you are getting solid nfl players from it now, compared to back then lol

I’m just glad the guy who wrote that article isn’t working for the Lions. Loves Anthony Richardson. Not so high on Bryce Young. Yowza…

Small and unconventional in his approach. He’s going to be a terror on A gap blitzes. It’s the pass rush stuff that worries me. That’s why I liked him. Like Houston he’s so damn unconventional rushing the passer (pace gets freaky low and is relentless) and I typically prize that as it often gives pros fits.

Haven’t seen anyone mention that Rodriguez did another power slam last night…

Spot on.

They’ll trade him for a 2028 third rounder

The Vikings blow goats for bus fare.