Sources: Stafford, Rams explore trade scenarios

The fact anyone can say Aaron Donald plus for Stafford is comical. Your talking about the TOP defensive player in the NFL for a top 10/12 QB.

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This is actually great from a leverage perspective. If news is leaked the rams are interested that should put fear in SF. This could leverage 12 from them which would be the ideal trade for us.

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The QB position is stratospherically more important than a DT.


I was just about to post the same thing Nate.

A QB affects every play. The BEST DT dominates a handful of plays per game. Yes, a QB is more valuable ESP. if you can afford to lose a great defensive player like Donald.

The Rams still have Brockers and A’Shawn Robinson.

Donald is stratospherically better than Stafford though.

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Nah…not gonna happen! Well, at least, I hope not!!

In a 3 way deal, the LA Rams trade their 4 2021 draft picks plus players Jordan Fuller and Josh Reynolds to Detroit, as well as their previously unknown ownership interest in Vixen Video to some degenerate known on the internet as Weaselpuppy, and receive in return Matthew Stafford and the recipe to something known as Evil Queso…

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Besides Reynolds being a FA, everything else seems plausible :joy:

I will tell Holmes to get Van Jefferson then. They really want that Queso recipe.