Sports Illustrated - Per Daily Mail

The whole staff? Is that possible?

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Hmm…I guess it may be true.

I was under the impression the SI brand sold years ago and it’s not the magazine we all fondly remember.


The end of the most popular (I guess) sports magazine there was.

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I remember the days when the swimsuit issue coming out was a really big deal.


Me too.

But it wasn’t allowed in our house anyway…

Had to go to a friends house. :joy::joy:

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That’s because all of us are old and remember days before the internet. That SI swimsuit issue was a very big deal to young teenagers everywhere. Lol

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It isn’t and hasn’t been…but oh man Cheryl Tiegs fishnet, Kathy Ireland…getting the swimsuit issue 40yrs ago not quite the same anymore.
Frank DeFord was one of my favorite SI writers.


And many don’t realize this was start in 1964!


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Interesting! I have nothing more to say on this topic. Off to the depths of reddit and twitter I go…

Give me some Elle, too.

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Could they at least continue it as a coloring book? I mean, its already been a sports pamphlet for years.

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When I was a kid, I loved that section in the back of the magazine that had the “Faces in the Crowd” segment.

That was the one I can never erase from memory. Hid in the living room corner behind the big chair and stared in awe.

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Didn’t realize Hitman Kearns was fighting back then

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People are sharing their fav (non swimsuit) SI covers on Twitter. Here’s mine …

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Good history of early boxing there…

He managed Jack Dempsey….